All you wished to know about electric blankets

All you wished to know about electric blankets

Electric blankets, which have already found their ways to most households in the US, comprise integrated electrical heating wires to provide uniform heating. There are various types of electric blankets to choose from and the most sought after designs include over-blankets, under-blankets, duvets, and throws. The most common form of electric blankets is placed below the bed cover and above the mattress so that the entire bed remains warm and comfortable all through the night.

How does the electric blanket work?
Electric blankets generally come with a control unit, which adjusts the amount of heat produced by the blanket. The blankets for twin beds may also come with separate controls for either side of the bed. They can pre-heat the bed before you come to sleep and also keep you warm while you are sleeping in the bed. In the recent times, low voltage electric blankets come with thin carbon fiber wires and take up about 12 to 24 volt, which is lesser than using a thermostat.

Quite similar to the heating pads, the electric blankets utilize the heating element or insulated wire, which is inserted into the fabric. This fabric heats up when the electric blanket is plugged in. Located between the electric outlet and the blanket, the temperature control manages the level of current that comes through the heating elements in the blanket.

There are electric blankets, which use carbon fiber wires for heating the person sleeping in the bed. These wires are very thin and less bulky, which make them far conspicuous than the older heating wires used in the electric blankets. The carbon fiber wires are used as the heating element in even the high-end heated car seats. You can purchase the blankets with built-in rheostats, which regulate the heat by managing the heat in the body and the temperature of the blanket so that you can have a comfortable sleeping experience.

Why should you buy electric blankets?
The modern electric blankets tend to utilize a very low-voltage wiring, which is much safer than the older versions of electric blankets. Some people are into a misconception that electric blankets would cause burns when they are used improperly. But the reality is that the old blankets utilized the electric current right from the outlet, whereas the ones which are manufactured today have a transformer installed, which helps in lowering the voltage circulated all through the blanket.

Many people turn down their thermostat at night and depend on the electric blanket for localized heat. This is actually a green way of saving energy. But you must make sure that you don’t use electric blankets, if you sleep with your pets as their paws and teeth can damage the wires of the blanket and may even lead to an accident.

Another interesting feature of the electric blanket is that it offers uniform warmth without the need to add numerous layers of bedding. A great tip to save energy with the electric blankets is to lower the heat at the middle of the night, which in turn, can reduce the level of energy consumption.