All You Need to Know about the Price of the New iPhone X

All You Need to Know about the Price of the New iPhone X

The iPhone has captured the hearts of millions around the world. The iPhone has astonished us with its state-of-art upgrades like none other. You can find huge queues and lineups when a new phone hits the store. Every new iPhone price is competitive with its rivals.

When the word came out about the iPhone X, everyone was eager to know more about it. Social media went berserk every time a new rumor came out about the iPhone X. Finally, after a lot of speculation, the first look of the phone was released.

It was mind-boggling and many of us were astonished. We could not wait to get our hands on it. This is the first phone ever to have an OLED screen, without a home button. From the top to bottom all you can see is the screen. Let us not forget the Face ID technology which is the first of its kind.

The latest addition to the Apple family, the iPhone X comes with a fancy price tag. With such exquisite features, it makes us want to own it. It may seem that the new iPhone price is very high but it is definitely worth it and deserving. This phone displays the beginning of what the future has in-store for us. There is no other phone on the market which can beat the iPhone X.

There are two variants available in iPhone X, which are the 64GB and 256GB versions. Though the price is not dependent on the color of the phone, it is important to know it has silver and space gray finish. Let us look at this new iPhone.

Without a carrier

Apple offers this majestic product without a carrier. The downfall of this move is that you have to pay the full price. It is definitely a great option if you have the money for the new iPhone X.
The 64 GB variant is priced at $999 and the 256 GB version is at $1149. If you are struggling with the new iPhone price then the suggestion is to look to the future and not the present.

With a carrier

Through the Apple upgrade program, the new iPhone price is about $49.91 for a 64GB version, around $56.61 for the 256 GB version. The payment plan for both is fixed at 24 months. Carriers, however, have more flexibility in pricing.
AT&T has set this new iPhone price for around $41.63/mo. for the 64GB model and $47.88/mo. for the 256GB model. This is the 24-month payment plan. However, if you choose the 30-month agreement, the price reduces to $33.30/mo. for the 64GB model and $38.30/mo. for the 256GB model. No down payment required.

Verizon has set the 64GB version for an approximate price of $41.66 for 24 months and $47.91/mo. for the 256GB new iPhone X. They do remind us that only qualified customers have the option of no down payment. Sprint is very innovative when it comes to payment plans. As always, they lease the phone for 18 months at $30/mo. for the 64GB version. There is a small change to the 256 GB version as they have a $150 down payment, and then they are leased for 18 months at $30/mo. You can upgrade to a different phone after 12 months, or you can choose to buy the phone by paying the balance after the lease is over.

T Mobile, on the other hand, requires a down payment of around $279.99 plus tax followed by payments of around $30/mo. for 24 months for the 64GB version. The new iPhone X 256GB version aims at around $429.99 plus tax as down payments and $30/mo. for 24 months.

With so many options for the new iPhone price, you should be exploring how you could actually possess this iPhone. Make sure you make a thorough research on the iPhone you would want to buy.