All you need to know about the old data plans by Verizon Wireless

All you need to know about the old data plans by Verizon Wireless

We all know that Verizon wireless made some major changes in its data plans in July, this year. The important feature of the new plans is that you get to make the best choice according to the amount of data you use.

So, let us have a look at the old data plans Verizon offered and what changes it has made in them. All these Verizon cell phone plans came with unlimited calls and texts.

  • Small (1GB at USD 30/month)

This pack was way more expensive than any other plan as it gave only 1 GB data for USD 30. As per the changes in this plan, now you get 1GB data extra by adding just USD 5 more.

  • Medium (3GB at USD 45/month)

This plan was for using some good Internet on your smartphone. It was ideal for customers using WhatsApp and surfing occasionally. The plan is now changed. It offers 4GB data for USD 50.

  • Large (6GB at USD 60/month)

Among all the Verizon cell phone plans, this was a good option. But, it was too expensive for 6GB data. It was however used by people who cannot live without Internet on their smartphones. This plan has now been changed to offer 8GB data at USD 70.

  • Extra Large (12GB at USD 80/month)

This plan was extremely expensive for monthly data. It offered just 12GB data, which would be consumed after a lot of video and music streaming. The network then replaced this plan with one of the best Verizon cell phone plans. It is known as the unlimited data plan.

  • XX-Large (18GB at USD 100/month)

This plan was for heavy data users but was extremely expensive. As they are heavy data users, the 18GB did not suffice their needs. The unlimited plan introduced later helps the users now.

All these old Verizon cell phone plans were extremely expensive for customers. They offered less data at a high price. Realizing this, Verizon has now revamped its plan to offer great value for money to its users. The new plans have made it easy for users to choose a plan according to the amount of data they use.

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