All You Need To Know About T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

All You Need To Know About T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most promising Android smartphones in the world right now and is giving intense competition to the iPhone X. With thrilling features encompassing infinity display, Bixby assistant, 4k capturing, virtual reality and others, the product is an attractive offering from the brand. T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Price is around $750 for a variant that consists of storage space equal to 64GB.

T-mobile, one of the country’s biggest telecommunication company, offers the device to buyers with the ‘DIGITS’ service. This is a delight for all those who own more than one Samsung devices such as the Samsung watch, tablet or any other smartphone from the brand. DIGITS allows you to connect all your devices such that you can send a message through the watch by using the number that is fed into the Galaxy S8. This service also comes handy when you need more than one numbers in the same device, say one for office and one for personal use.

T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 price is worth since the features offered are commendable. Some of them include:

  • Dex Station – This exclusive attribute allows you to convert the device into a desktop by linking it with essentials such as a keyboard, monitor as well as mouse. When you plug the Samsung Galaxy S8 into the Dex station, you are able to send e-mails and perform other functions easily, while also charging your device simultaneously.
  • Health – A smartphone that does not track your health is incomplete in today’s world. Samsung’s Galaxy S8’s Health feature is your nutrition guide since it offers real-time advice based on your daily progress, especially with respect to the goals set. The phone tracks all your movements and what you eat so as to provide an accurate picture and monitor your health precisely.
  • Connect – The phone has also been equipped with a feature that allows you to connect it with the appliances inside your house such as lights, thermostats, television, air conditioners, etc., thereby ensuring control even from a location outside the house.
  • Pay – To make instant payments, you can also save your debit or credit card details on the phone that helps in reducing laborious efforts. Moreover, by using this feature, certain additional benefits are offered to promote the regular application. The feature can save cards from a massive list of banks and is also accepted almost everywhere in the world.

The Premium Care service is a boon for Galaxy S8 owners, who are entitled to get a free subscription for one month on enrollment. You can receive coverage for any damage to the device where the customer care personnel will come to your location and repair it. Premium Care subscribers are also offered extended warranty over and above the basic warranty that comes with the phone.

When buying online, the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 price can be paid with the help of easy monthly payments and $0 down payment. All you need to do is choose the Pay Over Time option, select the credit plan you wish to opt for and you will start getting monthly bills for the same. Also, the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 price gets reduced up to $300 if it is traded for another eligible smartphone. The value for each device is preset and you will get a discount equivalent to that amount if the trade-in matches.

However, the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 price does not include the S View flip cover for which an additional amount of around $59.99 has to be paid or Gear VR which is priced at around $39.99. Also, while paying the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 price, $25 may have to be deposited extra for a SIM starter kit, $20 for upgrade support and additional expenses for unlimited calling or messaging plans. Auto pay pricing is offered for 1-8 lines by T-mobile and without it, $5 will be charged for every additional line. T-mobile services are applicable only in the country, and the plans were chosen for usage inside the country might not function elsewhere.