All you need to know about satellite internet

All you need to know about satellite internet

When it comes to urban areas, the main categories of Internet service providers fall under three types: cable, DSL, and fiber-optic. The companies offering these type of connections sometimes skip over the requirements of those living in rural areas and do not set up their connections there. Therefore, the only options that remain in rural areas are dial-up or satellite. Herein, we provide a look at how satellite Internet works, and whether you should choose it as the answer to your needs.

The functionalities of satellite Internet
Before looking for the best satellite Internet provider, you need to start by understanding how this particular service functions. The service provider sets up a satellite that revolves in the geostationary orbit that is around 23,000 miles above the equator.

The consumer chooses a provider and sets up a dish in his or her own house. The dish receives signals that are transmitted by the satellite and transfers them to the router of the consumer.

Why should you choose satellite Internet?
There are various reasons for people to choose satellite Internet providers. For example, there may be no alternative available. In some cases, the network points of the satellite Internet provider are very closely situated, in which case, the customers can also get a connection set up in their residence ensuring the best of service. However, this happens in very rare cases and a lot of negotiation is required.

Another reason to opt for the satellite Internet is the ease of installation. The technician does not spend a lot of time to mount the dish in the house and just needs to align it properly. Only the connection to the router is the tricky part, and once that is done, your connection is all set. The reason to pick the best satellite Internet providers, in this case, is to ensure that there is no delay in the setup and the connection is made as fast as possible.

What are the technical limitations of satellite internet?
Satellite internet comes with its own shortcomings. The main issue is the data allowance, which is restricted as compared to its counterparts. Since the data signals need to be transmitted through the satellite to the computer to the ground servers, the speed can sometimes be a big issue.

Bad weather is another big problem for people who have a satellite Internet connection as the signal delivery gets highly compromised. Bandwidth provided by satellite Internet comes under the fair usage policy, making it difficult to use more Internet than the assigned limitations.

There aren’t a lot of satellite Internet providers in the country, but when it comes to the best satellite Internet options, you can consider Viasat as well as HughesNet for great service and efficiency.