All You Need to Know About MobilePatrol

All You Need to Know About MobilePatrol

MobilePatrol™ is a popular app designed by Appriss Safety. It aims to make the lives of citizens safer. It helps you connect to relevant safety information, critical alerts, as well as news in your selected area. They have collaborated with different law enforcement agencies to ensure that there are no compromises when it comes to your safety. Read on to learn about some features of MobilePatrol™, including the MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search, which is considered a great addition.

Top features of MobilePatrol™
Unlike many other apps, MobilePatrol™ has just the right amount of functions. You can begin by setting up a host of neighborhoods where you and your family members stay. You can also choose the area where you work. The app then delivers all crucial information regarding the safety of these areas.

You get a lot of relevant news on your newsfeed about the neighborhoods that you have chosen. This app saves you from missing out on any vital information that may compromise the safety of your loved ones. Additionally, you and all the members of the community can choose the “Report it!” option which helps you participate in the safety of the community. You also get a platform to provide information about traffic alerts, fallen trees, broken mains, as well as crime tips.

All you need to do is enter the relevant zip codes to get audiovisual safety information. MobilePatrol™ has several partnerships that make sure you are safe and alert all the time. One of the best features, however, includes the option to look up jail booking records, which makes MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search quite useful. They have up-to-date records which you can access at any time and anywhere.

Inmate Search feature
The MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search feature is quite helpful for families of convicted felons as well as for victims who want to stay up-to-date with the movements of the perpetrator. To start, you need to narrow down your search to law enforcement records, choose the region that the jail is situated in, and click on the “inmate search” option on the MobilePatrol™ app. Further, you will have to fill relevant details to get valuable information. This option makes it easy to search for inmates. Additionally, it is a convenient option for people who want to be a step ahead in practicing personal safety.