All about Baxi back boiler fires

All about Baxi back boiler fires

Baxi back boiler fires are no longer in production now. Hence, most people are replacing them. Since these boilers are not energy-efficient, people find themselves investing in them unnecessarily. You always have to keep repairing them and your electricity bills keep rising because these boilers consume more electricity. However, they were the most reliable ones in their times and that is the reason why some people still continue using the old models.

What is a back boiler?
Back boilers serve the exact function as their name states. They are kept attached to the backside of a stove or fireplace. They were introduced as an additional heat source which can take the heat from the main source and utilize it. Since they are attached behind the fireplace, they save a considerable amount of space and are thus better than traditional boilers.

History of Baxi back boiler fires
The Baxi back boiler fires were used by almost every household right from the beginning of the sixties to the late eighties. But after that, they began to be replaced by newer models. From the sixties to eighties was the time for the boilers. They had a strong build and some households continue to use them even now.

As people increasingly started complaining about a hike in their heating bills, Baxi decided to launch another energy-efficient model which was A-rated and this was about eight years ago. However, it did not become as popular as the old ones. This boiler had an electrical fire.

Why do Baxi back boilers lack efficiency?
The companies have always received complaints regarding the efficiency ratings of the back boilers. They have always been around 78% energy efficient. This is a very poor performance as there are companies which manufacture boilers that can attain as high as 98% energy efficiency.

The government had laid down certain standards regarding energy efficiency. The regulations stated that at least 86% energy efficiency was required and Baxi back boiler fires were way behind in that respect.

You must be wondering what is so bad with the difference in energy efficiency. Well, decreased energy efficiency means it will not only increase your household bill but also harm the environment. If you replace the inefficient old boilers with the new ones, then you can see the difference in your utility bill for yourself.

Safety concerns regarding back boilers
There is a safety concern regarding back boilers being fitted to fireplaces. This is because, when you keep a back boiler unused for several months, it can cause major problems. This is mainly due to the old water which when subjected to pressure differences can explode and cause harm to the inhabitants of the house. But whether the boiler that your house has is safe or not can be only predicted by a proper boiler engineer. So before taking any final decisions, you must always see such an expert.