Advantages of buying a used Honda Civic

Advantages of buying a used Honda Civic

A used Honda Civic is any day equal to a new one as the Civic series has been a symbol of reliability, fuel efficiency, and style despite age. Most buyers find a pick in the Civic as it has a model for everyone’s need whether sporty or performance related. However, the matter of choice boils down to the place of purchase because buying a used car is any day a risk in the eyes of the buyer for fear of failure.

The best place to buy a used Honda Civic would be from a certified pre-owned (CPO) program from Honda because these vehicles are required to meet certain requirements in order to be certified by the auto manufacturer. Some of the benefits of buying a CPO Honda would be:

Honda does not certify any and every car that comes their way. In order to be eligible for the CPO program, the cars have to be less than 6 years old and must not have crossed 80,000 miles. When this preliminary requirement is met, the Honda technicians ensure that they do a 182 point checklist inspection of both the appearance and the mechanical components which include the examination of the steering, tires, wheels, interior, exhaust system, exterior, brakes, engine, suspension, drivetrain, etc. In the case of any repairs, the parts are thoroughly serviced or replaced as required.

Vehicle report
Honda provides its buyers with a detailed history report of the vehicle which shows whether the vehicle has been part of any DMV incidents apart from the regular maintenance and repair history of the vehicle. This ensures that the car is in a working condition, and sometimes a buyer may even chance upon a car that has a clean and spotless record.

While a regular dealer may not give you a return warranty let alone service warranty when the car has been driven out of the lot after purchase, Honda builds good faith in its customers through an exclusive warranty that is covered by the powertrain and non-powertrain warranty that cover service and costs according to Honda policy.

Keep this information handy when you are looking to buy used Honda Civic.

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