A quick guide to skin tag removal home remedies

A  quick guide to skin tag removal home remedies

Skin tags are the useless flap of skin you might find in your neck area or around your eyes. Though fortunately they are benign and you need not worry about them causing any disease, they are still annoying, and you would want to get rid of them.

Skin tags can develop almost anywhere on the body. But it is most likely to appear around your neck, underarms, around your eyelids, and in private body parts like under the breasts, buttocks, and groin area.

Getting a laser treatment done or going under the knife are the two options available if you do not wish to try skin tag removal home remedies. But both options are painful and too heavy on the pockets. So, instead, you can opt for a skin tag removal home remedy, which is cheap and painless.

To choose the best skin tag removal home remedy for the extra fleshy bump on your skin, it is important you analyze the cause of the skin tag. Though most of the times, the cause is unknown, dermatologists believe that obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy are some of the factors that stimulate the growth of the skin tags.

How to remove skin tags without going to the doctor?
If your skin tag is small, you can easily get rid of it at home. You can choose a skin tag removal home remedy from the below listed natural treatments:

Rub coconut oil every night before going to bed on your skin tag. The lauric acid in this oil is known for its amazing antibacterial properties and is said to reduce the skin tag size and eventually make it disappear.

Once you have removed the skin tag, applying aloe vera gel on it will help to reduce the inflammation.

Pure tea tree oil is believed to be an excellent home remedy for skin tag removal since ages. Daily application of this oil will bring you positive results within few weeks. Dip a Q-tip cotton swab in the oil and apply it on the affected skin 23 times a day for at least a few weeks.

Some of the other home remedies are using vitamin E oil, apple cider vinegar, and oregano oil, all of which have fantastic antibacterial properties.

Note that you should refrain from touching and picking at the tag as it will make the situation worse. Also, if a skin tag removal home remedy is causing you irritation or pain, stop using it immediately and consult your dermatologist for the same.