A list of common types of modern fireplaces

A list of common types of modern fireplaces

Fireplaces are structures constructed using varying materials for developing a relaxed atmosphere in the house. While redesigning a particular area, take some time to think and then invest in the most appropriate form of the fireplace.

Wood fireplaces Vintage fireplaces make use of wood and are portrayed as an ideal place for cozy evenings. A wooden fireplace is the first thing that pops up in the mind as soon as one talks about winters. You may not be aware of the fact that these structures are available in multiple forms such as:

  • Open fireplaces These fireplaces have been present since time immemorial and continue to rule traditional houses. They are the most authentic form of fireplaces that involve realistic burning and crackling of wood.
  • Closed fireplaces The only difference between this and the above-mentioned one is the glass enclosure that accompanies the fireplace created to prevent the excessive loss of heat.
  • Inserts These fireplaces are extremely handy structures that can be easily glided into an open structure without much effort.

Gasoline fireplaces Modern fireplaces are now gas alternatives to the wooden ones although, they lack the feel of an original fireplace. Moreover, they are cleaner options that provide more heat than their wooden counterparts and also emit the least possible pollutants. The vented and vent-less structures are the two types of modern fireplaces sold commonly by brands.

Electricity powered fireplaces These fireplaces facilitate complete customization using a device as simple as a remote. They are the most reliable versions of modern fireplaces since their installation is not difficult at all and value for money is the highest.

  • Fireplace TV cabinets For those of you who cannot afford to buy a separate structure, living room furniture such as entertainment cabinets that contain two outlets can be purchased. In one outlet, the television can be placed, whereas, in the other one, electric fireplace inserts can be fit in. In this manner, both money, as well as space, is saved which serves as a boon for owners of small houses.
  • Mantel fireplaces These modern fireplaces are quite similar to the traditional wood burning ones and are preferred by connoisseurs of vintage furniture as well as architecture.

Ethanol fireplaces The most recent form of modern fireplaces are those that employ ethanol to burn flames for generating heat. Ethanol fireplaces are a perfect blend of contemporary style as well as construction that ensure odor-free heating. Although they are loaded with some of the best attributes and accessories, these modern fireplaces are not as effective in terms of warmth produced. Vintage structures are now being replaced by ethanol wall fireplaces since they appear nothing less than a masterpiece. Not only walls, manufacturers have started producing modern fireplaces in small sizes that can be effortlessly stationed on tables as well.