A guide to using barber chairs

A guide to using barber chairs

Barber chairs, as the name suggests, were traditionally used in barber shops. But today, these chairs are used almost in all full-service salons all over the world. The reason why these chairs have become so popular is because unlike the regular salon chairs, which can only be raised or lowered or turned 360 degrees, barber chairs have a special feature in which the stylist is able to recline the client he/she is working on. Barber chairs are a lot more efficient than common salon chairs and are definitely worth the money. Performing various services like facial, waxing, spa is easier on a barber chair because of the reclining feature. It is basically a lot similar to a home recliner which requires the pull of a lever for changing the position.

Unfortunately, there are many who do not really know how to use a barber chair. So here is a guide on the same.

Raising or lowering the chair
There is a hydraulic lift pedal on every chair that can be used to pump up the chair to the required height. In case the chair gets too high, stepping on the release lever will lead to lowering the height of the chair. In case the chair needs to be lowered completely, keep stepping on the release lever until the chair has lowered till the bottom most point.

Turning the chair
For turning the chair, it needs to be gripped firmly at the back and then turned towards the left or right direction. Barber chairs have the advantage that they can be rotated 360 degrees and hence work can be easily done from all the sides. Working on a client is a lot for easier with chairs that can rotate 360 degrees.

Reclining the chair
For reclining the chair in the desired position, the reclining lever (every barber chair has a reclining lever) needs to be lifted until the required reclined position is reached. The chair needs to be raised from the reclined position, and then the reclining lever has to be turned to its original position (as before). This very feature of the barber chairs helps the professionals in working on their clients efficiently because a lot of salon work becomes difficult if the chairs are stiff. So, flexibility of a chair is a must.

Changing the position of the head rest
Head rests are usually required so that the clients can lay back and rest while the professional does his or her work. Imagine a salon chair without a headrest. Yes, it would be really difficult for the client and if they had to bear such a tortuous session, they would probably never want to come back. So the head rest can be slipped out to the required position. For retracting the head rest, the retraction button usually present at the back of the head rest needs to be pressed.

Any modern salon requires a lot of different equipment, and using barber chairs instead of basic salon chairs can help in improving the client experience.

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