A guide to make the perfect martini!

A guide to make the perfect martini!

You have a house party and a lot of friends and relatives are coming over. You are done with the food and have to decide which beverage would be suitable for the gathering. You decide on a martini and when the hour of the party arrives, you hear people grumbling about how your martini was not good enough or how your decor did not match their sense of aesthetics. Your decor is solely your business but then you can definitely make amends on the martini front. There are many DIY martini recipes available on the internet that you could try. However, since every recipe claims to be better than the next, choosing the right one may often become difficult. Fret not, check out this amazing guide that can help you make the perfect drink!

  • A Martini can be concocted with gin as well as vodka, both of which taste really good. So decide on which of these you wish to use as an ingredient for your martini.

  • Once you have decided whether you wish to have a vodka martini or martini with gin, proceed to decide the vermouth you would like to add to the potion. A vermouth is a fortified and aromatic wine that is used in the makings of several drinks such as Manhattan or Dry Martini. Once you choose the brand you are sure about, a cap full of vermouth is all you would need.

  • Decide whether you are opting for a dry or a wet martini. Because the processes are quite different and you wouldn’t want to fail in this endeavor. If you opt for a dry martini then the amount of vermouth you use should be less. The lesser the vermouth, the drier is your Martini and more the vermouth, the wetter it becomes. This is where you make your call.

  • Then you decide whether your Martini should be stirred or shaken. You can have either of these, the taste remains the same.

  • The temperature is what you have to look out for. The ice, the drink, and the water are supposed to be in the perfect ratio to give the person that satisfaction he is looking for. In the end, it’s all about ratios!

  • Garnishing is what comes next in line. You can garnish your drink with olives or citrus, whichever you deem suitable for your drink.