A Guide to Aaron’s Rent-to-Own Furniture

A Guide to Aaron’s Rent-to-Own Furniture

Buying furniture is a tricky and an expensive business. You have to analyze your budget, compatibility and many more factors. Since this is a long haul, people sometimes prefer rent-to-own furniture. Not only is it cheap but you will also have a lot of flexibility to own the furniture at a later point.

A multi-billion dollar company, Aaron’s is one-of-a-kind when it comes to rent-to-own furniture. With stores all over the country and a strong online base, Aaron’s furniture is a leader in the rent-to-own market. It is the proud owner of a huge collection of furniture, which is economic and also luxurious.

The collection includes sofa sets, living room sets, bedroom sets, dining room sets, mattresses, recliners, TV Stands and, accessories.

But the question arises, “What makes Aaron’s furniture the best choice?”

Aaron’s furniture is different from other vendors in the industry. They understand the longing that we have to own our belongings. Over the years, from the time Aaron’s has started, millions of their customers have chosen a variety of easy payment plans for owning the furniture.

To accomplish this goal, Aaron’s has a list of attributes that they follow tirelessly.

No credit

It is one of their primary qualities. They approve your need to buy without any credit checks because they are dealing with furniture and not loans. This is a big relief for people who are probably going through a bad financial condition. This option is available both in stores and on their online portal.


You are liable to choose the payment plan as per your financial condition and your needs. They have the options of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. The 24-month plan seems to be under limelight as it has the lowest monthly payments. Aaron’s furniture is also very creative with their payment options. They have a 120-day option where you can pay the original cash price within that time period and own the furniture. In a select few stores, they have 90 days same as cash option.

Lifetime reinstatement

This is one of their best qualities. Sometimes we may want to return the goods before completing the payment plan due to various reasons. This move can sometimes be very hard. But that’s a pain point Aaron’s furniture has solved. They let you start over where you left on your payments with the same product or a product that is in similar condition. The gap in between can be a week or a few years, the rule remains the same. As soon as the remaining payments are done, you own the furniture.

No extra charges

There are no charges for delivery or set-up which makes it convenient for the customers. This saves the cost to the customer. Experienced professionals from the industry arrive at the set time and complete the entire setup.

Inclusive of product services and repairs

This benefit makes things more interesting. During the course of your payments to Aaron’s furniture, any repair or service to your furniture is done without any charges. With limited restrictions, they also offer an extended 60-day period of warranty for your products. They also understand the devastation that is left behind by natural disasters and have a waiver in case of natural disasters.

No hidden charges

This is what we want to hear in any transaction. When there is no transparency in transactions the level of trust takes a mighty hit. They understand this and make it very important to explain the payments clearly.

Early payments

This helps the customer to settle the debt as soon as they can. When the customer has money, they can definitely save money and this is possible with Aaron’s furniture. The sooner you pay the less you spend on the lease charges and this option is available in all their plans.

These are some fantastic qualities that make Aaron’s furniture the choicest destination. Ensure you check out the nearest store or their online website to get the best deal. They also offer great discounts and deals during the sale. Don’t miss out on this sale.