A guide on reusable match lighters

A guide on reusable match lighters

Reusable match lighters are an important part of most survival kits. As the name suggests, this device is a newer counterpart of the traditional matches. Unlike wooden matches, these reusable or permanent match lighters can be used for a long time. Let us understand how they function and why it is a good idea to invest in them.

How reusable match lighters work?

The reusable match lighters work by creating a spark when the rod is scratched against the flint. This flint is present on the side of the match case. The tool works well, and the flame created can easily be extinguished by putting the strike back into its shell.

These matches consist of a magnesium core or flint to light up a spark along with a small amount of kerosene so that the fire lasts longer. You can even find rechargeable matches, which consist of a small battery and plasm that help create the spark. If you do not have oil or fuel handy, recharge lighters can be ideal for you.

Why use reusable match lighters?

Several factors have caused people to invest in permanent or reusable match lighters. Some of these include the following.

  • Convenient to carry
    The matches are usually small in size and can be easily carried in the pocket. Some of these also come with a keychain that you can hang on your backpack. Although matches that require cotton wick and kerosene can light in most weather conditions, they might drip. Hence, make sure the lighters you carry are leak-proof and avoid stains, drips, or fire hazards.
  • Useful in various situations
    Match lighters are usually designed in a manner that they can be used in most weather conditions. This is because they usually contain some kind of fuel, and the tool itself is encased in a water-resistant holder, only igniting when unsheathed.
  • Offer options for fuel
    Several reusable match lighters are filled with some kind of fuel, which can be refilled; so, they last longer. However, you can also choose electric lighters that work on batteries if you do not want to work with a fuel-based permanent match. The electric ones are simple and safe in design. They can last longer, as they only need to be recharged.
  • Magnesium strike core
    Most of these reusable match lighters consist of a magnesium strike core. This means that you can strike the lighter thousands of times before it gives out. Once it does, all you need to do is refill the fuel, and the match will work like normal.