A free Gevalia coffee maker for the perfect cup of coffee

A free Gevalia coffee maker for the perfect cup of coffee

Gevalia is a world-famous producer of Gevalia coffeemaker and is the largest coffee roaster in entire Scandinavia. In North America, Gevalia is widely known for selling coffee directly to the consumers through home delivery services. The company started its journey in 1853 in Sweden and serves with pride till date. According to the official website of Gevalia, they provide 40 varieties of teas and coffees, and the majority of these are Arabica blends made of beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya and Costa Rica.

Invest in top-class coffee beans

Each year, a growing number of people are signing up as members of Gevalia Kaffe for receiving special deals from Gevalia, free coffeemakers to be precise. When you sign up, you are expected to purchase four boxes of Gevalia premium coffee to get a coffeemaker by paying just $9.99. The Gevalia coffeemaker is worth investing as the company is satisfying the choicest taste buds of coffee enthusiasts all over the globe for more than 100 years and their reputation remain untainted. The customized coffee beans are rightly packed after roasting to make sure that the freshness and aroma are trapped well within the coffee beans.

Why buy the Gevalia free coffeemaker

One of the most sought after item for any coffee enthusiast is the 12-cup coffeemaker from Gevalia. This useful model is equipped with a brewing mechanism, which helps in the complete extraction of flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. Moreover, the pause and serve feature along with a round-the-clock programmable timer make the machine versatile and effective. Most people love the fact that the Gevalia free coffeemaker can pre-brew the coffee several hours before preparing a rich mugful of coffee. So, if you brew the coffee the night before, you can wake up to the freshness of coffee and enjoy it in no time.

For most coffee enthusiasts, preparing and cleaning the coffee brewing machines is a frustrating and tiring chore, and they want to get rid of it at any cost. With the swing-out basket of the Gevalia coffeemaker, you can seamlessly add a paper filter and brew coffee effortlessly. The water chamber can accommodate 12 cups of water, which means you can make 12 mugs of coffee at a time. So the next time you have friends or guests at your home, there is nothing to worry about.

This model is available in elegant black and stylish white colors and can be purchased at just $59.95. You can also get a package of the coffeemaker with a set of four specially crafted coffee mugs.