A few tips to use your icicle Christmas lights after the holiday season

A few tips to use your icicle Christmas lights after the holiday season

Christmas is all about lights and festivities. We buy a bagful of different types of lights thanks to the LED Christmas lights sales to cover up our entire house; but as soon as the celebration gets over, taking them off and storing them becomes a big headache. Given that many of these lights are quite expensive, there is also a chance that they might not work again if they are kept idle for a whole year. So to keep them running and working and also to find a way to reuse them when festivals are not going on, here are some of the ways you can use your Christmas lights post-holiday season.

Make a night light
Many of the expensive icicle Christmas lights come with a brightness adjuster. So you can line them up along the walls of your bedroom where it meets the ceilingand if it is long enough, it will go all around the room. Turn them on at night for a lovely dim glow, but a very stylish one.

Make a wall decoration with string lights and photographs
Xmas string lights are the most popular Christmas lights, and after the holidays you can use them to make a very artistic wall decoration with photographs. It is a popular theme nowadays, where you take the best moments with your loved ones and hang them up in the string of the light with paper clips. You do not even need frames or laminations to hang up your pictures on your walls, and you get an additional illuminative effect of the indoor Xmas lights.

Make a lovely chandelier for your hall
You can easily glam up your hall or drawing room, whatever you call with a simple hack using icicle Christmas lights. Use the lights to rope it around a jute or plastic basket, make whatever pattern or design you want and hang the basket down from your ceiling to make a DIY and almost zero cost chandelier for your home.

Make patterns on the wall
Wall patterns are a popular additional theme for your interiors, even for the holidays itself. But after Christmas, change the design from the Christmas tree or reindeer to something different of your choice. It adds a great effect to your room, and it can also be very romantic, depending on the design you choose.

Make garden decorations
If you have a garden in your backyard or one in pots and jars in your balcony or terrace, you can give it a bright twist by simply leaving the strings of icicle Christmas lights over the plants and lighting them up at night.

Let the festive feel linger in your house and life by using the icicle Christmas lights in these unique ways and also make sure that they are functional and running for the next year’s holidays.