A do-it-yourself sweepstake!

A do-it-yourself sweepstake!

You need something to enliven your sales, broaden your customer base and broadcast your brand amongst the commoners, so what do you do? You need something that would quirk up people’s interests and draw them to you as a moth to a flame! Also, everyone loves to win something or the other without the need to put in much effort. Thus, include the Sweepstake into your publicity strategies. A sweepstake would allow you to engage your audience very effectively and at a great speed. This would help you promote your product, introduce the masses to your brand and can also result in the creation of a future customer base.

So, the good news is that you can create your own sweepstake . The following pointers would help you in this process.
Decide your goals before making the sweepstake. Why do you wish to create a sweepstake? What do you wish to achieve with this? If your purpose is to introduce your brand to people who have never heard of it before, choose which sweepstake would you think would generate interest among the masses.

Everyone would participate in your sweepstake with the intention of winning the prize. Make sure that the prize is something worth their time and which can entice them into participating. No one would compete in the contest if the prize doesn’t meet their expectations

Choose the right sweepstake tool because the right tool can ease you off from multiple burdens. You can look up for tools that would allow you to host your sweepstakes on multiple online platforms or would let you personalise your sweepstakes with the right color and widgets.

After giving your sweepstake a proper form, now comes the time that you have to launch it and that too successfully. So the right thing to do would be to determine which day would be suitable to launch it and the timing is a high priority since your goal would be to cast the net far and wide. Get in touch with the popular influencers and ask them to promote your sweepstakes on their websites. Run a test before you launch your sweepstake, you wouldn’t want it to fail. Caution must be maintained.

Follow up each and every contestant, this would add another feather to your cap! A disgruntled contestant can never be a future customer.

Lastly, wrap it up with great poise. You have to choose a winner now, and let them know that they have won the prize they had set their eyes on. Also, announce the winner in a way that makes them ally with you in the future as well. Sharing your success statistics would prompt people to participate in future contests as well

So, DIY your own sweepstakes and let it quirk up your sales.

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