A Concise Guide to Buying the Right Car Batteries

A Concise Guide to Buying the Right Car Batteries

Car batteries are one of the most crucial components in a four-wheeler. While most car batteries run only for a span of three to five years, there are a lot of aspects that may affect the performance of the battery. Following are a few crucial factors that will help you decide what you really need to look for while choosing a car battery brand:

Size of the battery
Divided into group sizes indicating the width, length, and even the height of the car’s battery, you need to match the requirement of your car with the suitable battery.

Age of the battery
When it comes to choosing car batteries, it is crucial to remember that their lifespan is much shorter than the other parts making up your car. To know how new the battery is, you need to check the code printed on the battery which consists of a number and a letter. The letter indicates the month whereas the number represents the year in which the battery was manufactured. For e.g., A/15 represents January 2015. Make sure you do not invest in a battery that is beyond six months from the manufacturing date.

Reserve capacity of the battery
The reserve capacity of the battery is evaluated on the basis of the power that the battery may run without the support of the engine and without a discharge. It is crucial because it is the only support that the car has during problems such as alternator failure or when you have a non-compliant engine.

The power requirement of the battery
This is in reference to the Cranking Amps (CA) and the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) that the car requires. CA is the amount of energy needed by a vehicle to start at a normal temperature of around 32 degrees Fahrenheit while CCA is the capacity of the car to start at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. For cars running in extremely cold regions, a CCA-equipped vehicle is highly recommended.

Other factors
While choosing car batteries, you also need to keep some more factors in mind namely its warranty period, the maintenance it requires, the position, and even the type of terminals along with the ampere-hour (Ah/amp-hour) that decides the electricity storing power of the battery.

Having a good car battery is crucial for the health of your car. Remember to keep all of these pointers in mind before buying car batteries so that you buy only the best ones for your car.