A Concise Guide to Buying the Perfect Sofa

A Concise Guide to Buying the Perfect Sofa

Purchasing modern furniture like sofas or armchairs can be a huge investment and that is why getting a good sofa is crucial. There are so many different options and getting one that makes us happy can be a task that is easier said than done. It is good to have different recommendations and research done before you head out to the store and buy that new modern sofa set. These days, if you do not find the right one, you even have the option of designing it yourself so that you can possess the sofa or armchair of your choice. Here is all you need to know in order to make a good investment.

Sofa sizes

Space is always a deciding factor when we buy new things. This is also in the case of modern furniture like a sofa. Measuring up your living room is crucial so that you can estimate the size of the sofa that can be accommodated within your household. A large sofa usually seats 3 adults. There are also things to consider like how far the radiator must be kept from a leather sofa that you are planning on purchasing. This is because keeping it too close can cause the leather to crack.

Types of shapes

The style of the sofa is as important as the comfort that it provides. Understanding the different shapes of seats, legs and arms can make the purchase of a modern furniture like a sofa a whole lot easier. The gap between your normal seating position and your armrest must be just right. Ensure that you fully understand the different types of sofa seats like the fixed seat and cushioned seat of your modern furniture. Once you decide on the seat, finding the right arm is important. Arms come in different styles like scroll arms, fixed arms, Howard arms as well as square arms. The legs of the sofa are also important to consider as they come in stilettos, turned legs, saber legs, plinth glides, and also bun feet.


Comfort without cushions isn’t really comfortable. Most affordable cushion filling is foam, made from polyurethane. Most modern furniture like sofas come with these type of cushions. Most sofa experts, however, advise on going with foam surrounded by a layer of feathers which enhances the look of the modern furniture.

Trends don’t really matter

While the term modern furniture may get you thinking as to what kind of furniture might match the trends in the market, to be honest, trends do not matter. While it may seem really important to go with the trends, the truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, your comfort matters more than the trends. Personal preference is the best choice.

Right fabric

The right fabric can make all the difference. In fact, look for some good options like upholstery fabrics. Patterns and colors may seem good but the quality and material matters as well. Cotton and wool are some examples of natural fabrics. When these are blended with other synthetic materials, these are easy to clean. If you are planning to buy the modern furniture like a sofa online, then you have to be sure of the quality before you purchase. It is advisable to buy the modern sofa at any branded store as you can feel the fabric in person and this will help you in making the right decision.

Test it out

Testing out the sofa or any modern furniture is very important. Online shopping may seem to bring the experience to ease but it cannot help you in purchasing a sofa that is excellent in terms of material. This is why testing it out is like life and death. The sofa that will express what you want it to express can only be determined by personally choosing the sofa by heading out to the nearest store to purchase all your modern furniture. So feel free to get out there and look for what suits your requirements the most.