A complete guide on buying Murphy beds

A complete guide on buying Murphy beds

A wall bed is one of the most underrated bedding solutions. A Murphy bed is a kind of a wall bed and is an incredible addition to any home. This doesn’t only apply to those living in studio apartments but to everybody in general. Whether for space saving, added functionality or just the convenience, Murphy beds can be a lifesaver for many households.

The best way to explain a Murphy bed is to see it as an addition to your home. It’s the most cost-effective, versatile, fun, and creative way to add a whole new room to your house. You’re essentially converting the given space into a bedroom, while not compromising on anything else at all. As is obvious by now, Murphy beds are sort of a no-brainer for people who live in studio apartments, or in cramped spaces, especially basements and attics.

Picking a Murphy Bed
If you’re new to the idea of Murphy beds, then picking one can seem like a walk in the park. Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Murphy beds come in a variety of different options, and where you buy them from can mean the difference between a rickety setup and a seamless day to night transition.

Of course, it makes sense to turn to Murphy Beds – North America’s largest supplier of Murphy beds – and you’re sure to find the style that you want. Their large network and comprehensive warranties, along with a European-engineered mechanism mean you’re sure to get world-class quality and service with your Murphy beds.

You can find a range of variation in Murphy beds because they have to serve the direct intent of maximizing space. Here are a few types:

  • Horizontal/Vertical
    Horizontal laid Murphy beds are best for low-ceiling rooms, with little or no floor space – such as the attic and the basement. This design makes tight spaces feel freer. The vertical style is better suited for rooms with high, accommodative ceiling and enough space on the floor for the bed to roll out.
  • Freestanding/Wall mounted
    Murphy beds by definition are wall-mounted. However, this recent variation in design is well intended and aimed at those looking to rent a Murphy bed. The freestanding versions come in the form of a table, or cabinet, that can be folded into place as a bed.