A checklist to choosing the perfect area rug

A checklist to choosing the perfect area rug

Area rugs can elegantly define a living space and are essentially a part of every home. They can be used to set the tone of a room and make any place cozier. Rugs are classified on the basis of their use, material, and of course, price. It is important to understand the basic essentials of an area rugs before you venture out to buy them for your home. Read the following article as it talks about important factors to keep in mind before choosing an area rug.

Theme- Area rugs can be used as a unifying factor to improve the aesthetics of your living space. When selecting a rug, keep in mind the theme of your room. A rug that does not complement the theme of your room can spoil the physical aesthetics of your living space and stick out like a sore thumb.

Color- Choosing the right color combination is also an important factor when it comes to buying an area rug for your living space. Not only should the color of the area rug match the wall of your room, but they should also complement the color palette of its upholstery including sofa covers and curtains. Geographical location also plays an important role in choosing the color of a rug. It is recommended that people living in the colder climatic region pick darker colors over pastel shades.

Size- One of the most common mistakes that people is committing to the wrong size of an area rug. Choosing area rugs that do not match the size of your living space can underline the space crunch. So, choose an area rug that is slightly larger in area than the area of your room; the extra parts can be tucked under the furniture. Largely sized area rugs bring a sense of an elongated floor space and make the room look bigger.

Shape- Square, rectangular, oval, round, or irregularly shaped. Experiments with different shapes of area rugs can go a long way in customizing your living space. Choose the best possible shape for an area rug that complements your living area and furniture beautifully.

Material- The construction and material of the area also play an important role in choosing an area rug. A natural rug made of jute or sisal might complement the hallway or passages but not your bedroom. A softer and fluffier rug in your bedroom is preferred over the former type. The choice of rug also depends on the traffic in that particular area. It is recommended to use thin area rugs for busy hallways and thick, delicate, and soft rugs for your bedroom.