A brief overview of Sperry boat shoes

A brief overview of Sperry boat shoes

Boat shoes by Sperry is a first-of-its-kind shoe that was specifically designed for boating. However, with time, the footwear has become a style statement. The sheer comfort and ease with which it could be worn have rendered to its tremendous success and it has now found a place in every man’s wardrobe.

Sperry boat shoes are immensely popular for those who enjoy boating every often. The footwear is handcrafted with a rubber sole and treated leather or canvas. Sperry boat shoes offer a diverse choice in color, material, and design. It is, notably, a below-the-ankle shoe with laces. The shoe has proven to be very sophisticated and comfortable and is an essential summer footwear. However, people wear the shoe even in winters, preferably with socks.

Sperry boat shoes give one a dressed down look. The footwear is considered a semi-formal wear and is the best footwear choice to go with chinos. It goes well with jeans and shorts as well. Color choice of clothes and shoes should be complementary rather than matching to give a smart casual spirit. Boat shoes can be worn with business casual dress-line as well. It counters the stiffness of the traditional business suits. Nevertheless, care should be taken to select the occasion when one can opt for boat shoes in a business meeting. Dark tan or brown combines well with the navy, grey, and black suits that are the hallmarks of business casual wear.

Paul A. Sperry an avid sailor and inventor introduced the first Sperry Top-Sider shoe into the boating footwear market in 1935. Over 8 decades, the shoe has gone through tremendous improvisation and has transformed from the boating shoe to a casual wear.

Sperry co-partnered with Commonwealth shoes and leather and released the Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe. In 1939, Sperry sold the manufacturing rights to the US Navy for making shoes for sailors at the naval academy. Since then, the brand Sperry changed a number of hands. Today Wolverine Worldwide owns the Sperry brand.