A beginner’s introduction to apple tv

A beginner’s introduction to apple tv

Too embarrassed to ask what Apple TV is to store employees or your friends? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. If you’re brand new to Apple products and you’re considering getting Apple TV for the very first time, you may be wondering what’s so special about it.

If these thoughts roam inside your mind, then you are not alone. So, what is the Apple TV?
Ironically, it’s not a TV. It’s a $69, small plastic device that fits within the palm of your hands and helps you stream videos directly to your TV from the internet. It turns your ordinary TV into a smart TV. If you ever wanted to watch You Tube on a regular television and couldn’t afford a Smart TV with Wi-Fi capabilities, get the Apple TV.
It plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. You set it up with a HDMI cable, connect it to your TV and let the streaming begin. There’s one more thing to keep in mind before using it. It is controlled remotely and externally, not internally. You need a remote device to be able to control it and stream content to it.
You need an iTunes account in order to stream and play movies and TV shows on it. Without an iTunes account, you can’t use it to its full potential.

What It Can Do For You
It can turn your dumb TV into a smart TV. How awesome is that? It supports up to 50 channels. This means you can watch Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crunchyroll, HBO, and many more channels on it. However, you get access to channels available over the web, but not anything a normal cable TV provider can provide. So if it’s a TV channel not available over the internet, chances are, you won’t be able to get it through Apple TV.

The most important takeaway point from this article is that the Apple TV can mirror content from other Apple devices. This includes iPads and iPhones. You can stream content stored in those devices onto your TV screen. The Apple TV also lets you use third party controllers and download games over the web. You can play a wide variety of games, download music from the iTunes store, play audio books, anything you can do on your iDevice. Most importantly, you can binge watch or listen from an Apple device. It’s actually designed for media playback and can run for long hours.

Additionally, it offers remote playback. Its remote control supports BlueTooth and wireless use. It comes bundled with motion sensor technology. The remote has a touch pad which contains buttons, volume control features, and is designed to act like a motion controller, similar to the Wii remote.