8 best electric cable manufacturers

8 best electric cable manufacturers

For any electrical project, you want to make sure the cables chosen are of the best quality. Faulty wires can cause the entire circuit to break down and can even lead to severe mishaps. If you are working on the wiring for your home, you can choose from this list of the best electric cable manufacturers. These companies have proven their worth over the years and offer some of the country’s most sought-after electric cables.

Alpha Wire Co.
This company is based in Elizabeth, NJ, and provides standard wires and cables along with customization options. Its products include hook-up cables, industrial cables, and other eco-friendly options. It also offers additional inspection and testing services.

Philatron Wire & Cable
It operates from its base in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and specializes in extra-large flexible cables that range between 1/16 and 3.75 inches and can carry 12 to 35,000 volts of electricity. Its services include the production of molded cable assemblies and manufacturing wires and cables in bulk.

Lexco Cable Manufacturers
Based in Norridge, Illinois, this company produces various electrical tools, such as bridge rope, independent core, galvanized and coated wire rope, aircraft cables, and structural strands.

Lake Cable
Another famous manufacturing company from Illinois, Lake Cable, offers various standard and customized cables for utility applications, fire alarms, thermocouples, instrumentation, communication, and broadcast. The company, based in Bensenville, also produces cable jacket colors, custom packaging, and custom printing, among other products and services.

American Wire Group
Based in Miami, Florida, this company offers several wires like static, grounding, and guy, and other tools, such as fiber optic cables, portable power cables, low and medium voltage cables, armored cables, transmission and distribution cables, multiplex cables, and so on.

Belden Inc.
One of the country’s best electric cable manufacturers, Belden Inc., produces commercial and industrial cables. Based in Richmond, Virginia, its products include audio-video, copper, fiber, multi-conductor, industrial Ethernet, data bus, and VFD cables. It also provides cabinets, switches, and network connectors, among other tools.

Based in Charlotte, NC, the company offers many different cables and wires like network cables, server cables, actuator sensor cables, electronic cables, cabinet wiring, VFD cables, and motor cables.

EIS Wire and Cable
Situated in the town of Hadley in Massachusetts, EIS Wire and Cable manufactures cables that serve various purposes such as refining and power generation in pulp, steel, mining, automation, solar, paper, and petrochemical industries.