7 unhealthy foods diabetics should avoid

7 unhealthy foods diabetics should avoid

Food choices matter a lot when you try to combat a health condition. And diabetes is a chronic, long-term disease that needs to be managed with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and food choices. Quality sleep, an active lifestyle, and nutritious food choices can be rewarding for those with diabetes. However, while some foods make for a good choice, some can do equal harm. This article highlights the worst foods for those with diabetes.

While carbs are important, the source of carbs is what matters the most. Some of the worst choices in this food category for people with diabetes are rice, white flour, cereals, fries, white bread, and fried tortillas.

Canned vegetables
Vegetables are best eaten in their raw, organic form. Avoid canned vegetables and try to cook a meal from scratch, using fresh produce. Also, stir-fried veggies made using a generous amount of butter are not a good option too.

Sodium-rich foods
Pickles, frozen and canned foods are all high in sodium, which can spike the blood pressure levels in people with diabetes. Diabetes is an illness associated with the heart and kidneys, so the diet must be low in sodium.

Artificial fruit juices and packaged by-products
While fresh fruits are a good choice and are recommended to be consumed as is, other forms of fruits are to be avoided. Fruit juices are loaded with a generous amount of sugar and are best avoided. And other fruits by-products include jams, jellies, sweetened applesauce, fruit punch, canned juices, and fruit drinks.

Whole milk, yogurt, sweetened yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and ice-creams are some of the worst dairy choices for diabetics. Instead, those with diabetes must rely on skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat or non-fat sour cream.

Fried foods
High fatty food items can adversely affect heart health. Avoid palm and coconut oil, deep-fried meat and potatoes, fried fish, turkey, or fried tortillas. Basically, avoid deep-fried foods; instead, you can try the shallow frying method. But keep a close check on the intake of oily foods.

Sweetened sodas, canned juices, and fruit beers must be completely avoided as they are loaded with refined sugar. Quit the habit of having a cool drink during summers, instead try making fruit popsicles at home from scratch. You can control the amount of sugar in them. Avoid adding sugar to tea and coffee, and you can start by reducing the amount of sugar.

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