6 Best Models to Buy from Shark Vacuum

6 Best Models to Buy from Shark Vacuum

Shark is one of the best brands of vacuums; they manufacture vacuums for both hard floors as well as carpet. Shark vacuum comes with cords as well as being cordless.

Here are the general model types of Shark Vacuums:

  • Upright life away vacuums are unique vacuums and they allow easy cleaning of small spaces and stairs with a regular vacuum.
  • Ultralight vacuums are available with codes as well as without codes. These vacuums are best for cleaning everything by only charging head attachment.
  • Robot vacuums are adorable little circles of cleaning power which keeps home clean. They are programmable vacuums which can program simply by mobile app.
  • Hand vacuums are best for cleaning upholstery, cars and stairs. They can be cordless or corded. This type of vacuums is lightweight and easy to handle.

Few best Shark vacuum models to buy

  • Shark Rotary Lift-Away True Pet is a corded vacuum and it uses Powered Lift-Away technology, a technology helping in deep cleaning by reaching every nook and corner, even the toughest corners, and swivel steering which helps to clean areas thoroughly by reaching hard to reach places. It gets hold of dust and allergens too. The best feature of this vacuum is that it can convert from a traditional upright to a canister vacuum. It weighs only 15.4 pounds and is easy to operate.
  • Shark Ionflex Duoclean Cordless has the best combination of bristle brush to clean carpets and small soft brush to clean hard floors. This vacuum has unique features like it can bend and has flexible handles. It is about 8.7 pounds and can use more than one battery.
  • Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is a corded, small, portable vacuum and can convert into a hand vac. It can switch to clean between hard surfaces and carpets by fingertip controls. It can convert into the portable vacuum and it is about 7.6 pounds.
  • Shark ION Robot 750 can dock, clean, and recharge automatically. It is a programmable vacuum which can be programmed by a mobile application. The unique feature of this robot vacuum is that it contains a pack of magnetic tape which helps to avoid sticking in unwanted areas.
  • Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac is a super lightweight hand vac which weighs only 3.7-pounds. It comes with a 15-foot cord which gives a little extra length to access places. It has motorized head attachment which works on stairs or floor of the cars.
  • Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright is lightweight, corded, and low priced vacuum. It can clean difficult places and can also clean bare wood easily. It is a professional version of the navigator, which includes many accessories and dusting functions for hard surfaces.

These are some of the Shark Vacuum cleaners of our choice, check the specifications of each one before you buy your favorite Shark Vacuum cleaner.