5 ways teachers can have a great holiday

5 ways teachers can have a great holiday

To be a good teacher, you must be passionate about educating children and have tons of energy. To keep your energy levels up, taking a holiday from time to time is a must. And there is nothing like budget deals that will help you add a few days of fun to an out of town conference trip or plan a summer holiday. There are some deals though designed just for teachers as a thank you for their services.

Hotel discount for teachers
Many hotels offer discounted rates for teachers, lecturers, and professors. In addition, if you work at a public school or at a government funded college, you could ask for government rates which are considerably lower than normal hotel rates. If you have an International Teacher Identity Card you could be eligible for hotel discounts as well as discounts on entry tickets to resorts. Hence, be sure to carry your identification card and to check rates with hotels before you check in.

Car rentals
You don’t always have to fly to a far off destination to enjoy a holiday. If you’re planning a short holiday or weekend break, you could consider driving down to one of the towns on the outskirts of your city. Your affiliation to teacher unions and membership such as the NEA can get you great discounts on car rentals, thus giving you the option of picking a more luxurious car. Additionally, you could also get unlimited mileage, assured roadside assistance and much more.

Take a cruise
Looking for something different? School teachers and college faculty are often offered special deals by cruise lines. This applies to both active teachers and retired teachers. This discounted cost is inclusive of all your meals and accommodation, so it is more economical than a regular hotel stay as long as you do not add on any excursions or extra services.

Educator discount programs
While some holiday resorts and attractions are merely entertaining, others offer a learning opportunity as well. Places like Sea World, the Kennedy Space Center, Legoland and the Art Institute of Chicago run educator discount programs a number of times through the year that gives teachers a discounted or free entry. A quick Google search can tell you if there is any such program running during the time of your vacation or you could call them and find out.

Travel with your students
While the idea of a holiday is to relax without stress, planning a trip with your students could be a great way to get a change of scenery and see a new place. Many tour companies offer a free airfare and hotel stay for a teacher accompanying students on excursions. Alternatively, some tour companies may also offer a free training trip for a teacher before an excursion with your students.

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