5 types of Born shoes you cannot miss

5 types of Born shoes you cannot miss

Born shoes are known for trendy collections in all footwear models. They update their shoe collection every season.
If you are a fashion buff, you must be aware of these trends. Given below are a few born shoes you cannot miss.

1. Gladiators
This is what is trending in the market today. These shoes look extremely trendy. They are strappy shoes which are upgraded from previous designs. They have a zipper at the back for easy wearing and removing and are available in exciting metallic colors. These shoes are made of full grain leather. The leather is the outer part. The sole too is made of leather. These shoes are perfect if you are looking for footwear with a good grip. Made through a special type of construction, the heel is about 0.5 inches.

2. Sandals
Born has a wide variety of sandals. It offers fresh designs made of suede or leather. The sandals are also made through Opanka construction. These are generally flat-heeled sandals whose sole is made of rubber. Sandals are accessorized with buckles, straps, and tassels. They emit a relaxed vibe and can be worn with jeans or a skirt. They are available in several colors with the metallic ones being more popular.

3. Casuals
These are shoes that can be worn both as casual and formal wear. They are closed toe shoes available in the ballerina model as well. These shoes have an additional buckle in the middle of the foot for support. These timeless, sturdy shoes are made through Opanka construction. The heel is 1/4 inch. They are available in common colors like black and brown. Apart from that, they are also available in unique pop up and metallic shades.

4. Heels
Born shoes have heels made of full grain leather. These shoes have rubber soles and a beautiful and exotic collection of heels. This collection is also available in pastel shades. The heel is made of very sturdy wood and is 3 ½ inches in height.

5. Boots
They are available in a wide variety of different cuts. Boots are low-heeled shoes with a comfortable insole. These shoes have a vegetable leather lining and are crafted by Opanka construction. The length of the heel varies from 13 inches. It is made of either suede or leather. A comfortable insoles allow a person to wear them all day. They are available in black, brown, and gray colors.

The Born community
This is a community started by Born for those who love footwear. It allows people to share pictures of their favorite footwear. Buy yourself a pair and join the community of footwear lovers.