5 reasons that make true commercial refrigerators so popular

5 reasons that make true commercial refrigerators so popular

True commercial refrigerators are one of the most popular refrigerator brands when it comes to foodservice kitchens due to the brand’s uncompromised standards in quality control. They build the components of their refrigerators in their own factories in the US. Mentioned below are five reasons that True commercial refrigerators are the preferred choice in the restaurant business.

Long-lasting evaporator fan motor
Best known for its long-life expectancy, the evaporator fan motor typically lasts for 15-20 years. True commercial refrigerators are able to achieve this because they use cast iron components, oversized low-velocity fan motors while sealing the works with an oil filled casing. The large fan blows high volumes of air into the evaporator, which results in lower energy consumption and shorter run time.

Sizeable evaporators
To maximize the recovery time, the brand uses oversized evaporators, which ensure food product safety. The large size of the components provides lower energy costs and an increase in lifespan of the appliance due to shorter run time.

Best in class
True commercial refrigerators have been awarded the “best in class” status in various categories by Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine. Not only are they known for their premium quality commercial refrigerators, but also their outstanding customer service. This is another significant reason that the kitchen industry has gravitated towards this hallmark brand.

Longest warranty period
True commercial refrigerators offer a 3-year warranty period on its parts and labor for any manufacturing defects found within that time limit. Moreover, the compressor has a warranty period of 5 years. They also have an inventory that never runs out of any parts used in their refrigerators. This is why the availability of parts during replacement will never be an issue.

100% testing of units
True commercial refrigerators go the extra mile and ensure that each of the units that come out of the assembly line is thoroughly tested for 4-6 hours to ensure proper functioning of the unit. If any of the units don’t match the standard expected by True, it is sent back to the assembly line for modification.

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