5 real life toys for your girl

5 real life toys for your girl

As a parent, you’d always want the best for your girl. If you’d have noticed, kids notice the different jobs that people do, and they’re always curious about it. What better way to give your girls a real-life teaser with toys? These are fun toys that will also make your girl learn new techniques that go into each task. Take a look.

Toys girls like a baking set, tea set or a cookie cutting set that come in safe materials like plastic can show your girl how baked goodies are made. No wonder each girl has her own kitchen set, because little girls love to pretend to do home chores. These are colorful toys that come in attractive shapes and sizes, and are ideal picks as toys for girls. Once your girl learns the basics of cooking, you’d give her a cookie cutting set or a pizza baking set to let her learn a bit more of what goes inside the kitchen.

Tattoo Making
These days, in every birthday party, your little girl would notice how tattoo artists paint people’s face or arms with glittery colors. So, why not gift your angel a tattoo set that she can use to paint others with her artistic designs. These toys girls include a few colorful glitter pens that are safe to be used on the skin. Plus, they can go off with a rinse of water, as they’re temporary painting tools. These are artistic toys that could enhance your girl’s painting skills as well. There are different toys girls that she could use to paint glass.

Beauty kits
Little girls love playing dress up and performing makeup sessions. No wonder they keep attacking their mothers’ dressing tables and end up spoiling lipsticks and whatnot! Hence, it’s a good idea to get toys girls that will fulfil your girl’s wish to learn how to do makeup or make hairstyles. From plastic hair dryers (salon-style kits) to makeup or vanity kits, these toys for girls could set your kid giggling in no time!

Stamp sets
While painting with brushes and water colors can seem a bit daunting for some of the girls, playing with drawings and colors can become an easy one with stamps. Look for stamps in shapes of flowers, birds, animals, etc. and ask your girl to color them. These toys girls will give your girl a sense of how things are drawn, and also help her have some fun.

Jewelry set
Apart from fashion and beauty, jewelry is something that excites little girls a lot. So, for your girl’s next celebration time, you could get her a jewelry set wherein there are strings, pendants or bracelets and beads that she could use to make something valuable (at least for her!). She would treasure these kind of toys girls because they resemble other glittery things that they see around them. What’s more, your girl could make use of these toys girls to gift her other friends at school.