Four high-protein foods that aren’t meat!

Four high-protein foods that aren’t meat!

When we talk about protein-rich food, we end up listing the non-vegetarian kind. People do have a misconception that only meaty foods are protein-rich and vegetarian foods are not. There are a number of vegan foods that too are an excellent source of protein. We tend to overlook numerous plant-based foods that can be turned into a protein-filled meal. Read on to find a list of high-protein foods for vegans.

Lentils forms an important part of many cuisines across the world, especially Mexican and Indian. This is among a protein favorite of many. If you’re looking for a list of high-protein food, then you can surely find lentils on it. It is a great source of protein and fiber. Add lentils to your everyday diet with beans and peas, which is an amazing combination.

Black beans
Black beans might sound a little boring but you can definitely make some interesting dishes with them. Black beans are an excellent source of antioxidants. The dark color of these beans is an indication of its antioxidant-rich features. One of the most popular ways of preparing a dish from black beans is making black bean burritos. Although you can try out numerous recipes of making a high-protein dish from black beans, some people might only prefer eating boiled beans seasoned with salt and pepper.

Being one of the most protein-filled leafy vegetables, spinach can be used as a main ingredient in many delicious recipes. You can try creamy spinach soups, salads, sandwich, to name a few. Or you can try experimenting with different recipes of spinach and combine the same with corn and peas, cottage cheese, etc. There are various types of spinach available and you can choose from savoy, flat- or smooth-leaf, and semi-savoy spinach. If you want to try out new recipes that can add this high-protein leafy vegetable to your meal, then you can also look for a number of recipes online and include spinach in your diet plan.

Also called as bean curd, tofu is a protein-rich food that forms a part of the East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. Earlier, tofu was only seen as a dull vegan source of protein. But in the recent times, it is used in everything raging from brunches to entrees and desserts. It helps add a creamy texture to the dish and the best feature of this ingredient is that it can be flavored as per your likes.