5 Commonly Used Methods for Body Hair Removal

5 Commonly Used Methods for Body Hair Removal

Men and women alike, have become obsessed with removing hair from their bodies for various reasons. Women, especially, are expected to have smooth, shaved bodies. Men also go through a lot of pressure these days with similar expectations from their counterparts. Such demands leave us searching for ways to get the excess body hair removed quickly and easily. However, if we do not know the best body hair removal methods, it may end up in a disaster or a permanent injury.

Bleaching the hair used to be a well-known method in the 20th century, but it is definitely not a prescribed method these days. We have got to thank the various upgrades in technology which give us many methods to choose from. Having said all this, let us look at some commonly used methods for best body hair removal:


Waxing is a preferred method by many, even professionals, and it is considered to be the best body hair removal method for a lot of people. It does come with some pain but the effects last for a long time, typically for 6 – 8 weeks. The amount of pain can be reduced when you exfoliate the skin before entering the salon. Exfoliation removes the dead cells from your skin. You can do it at home as there are many products available for the same. The two types of waxing methods that are generally used are soft or strip wax and stripless wax. Stripless is used on people who have a delicate skin and are more susceptible to pain. The costs will differ, based on your choice of treatment and the place you get your waxing done at.


Eyebrow threading is as old as waxing. This is the best body hair removal for your eyebrows as it is less painful and more effective. There is no limit to experimentation in this process. You can get any shape that you wish for, after a careful procedure.


This is the most commonly used method among both genders. Why? The answer is because it is easy and it can be done anywhere. Men use this method to shave almost all parts of their body where they need hair removed. This method is mostly used for legs and pubic area among women. It comes with risks such as cuts and bumps if not done the right way. However, if done with caution and care, this is best body hair removal method which is cost-effective and portable.

Hair removal creams

There are many hair removal creams that are effective for hair removal. It can be done at home with no pain. Some skin types may have unforeseen reactions. You should consult a dermatologist before concluding if this method is the best body hair removal method for your skin.

Laser treatment

If you are looking for a permanent solution, this is the best body hair removal method available. It destroys the hair from the follicles and saves you the pain of going through different procedures every other month. This is a very popular treatment in our country, but it does come with a higher price tag. This method again calls for the need to consult with a dermatologist.

Regardless of the cost and method you choose, it is important to go through these processes via seasoned professionals. Any method you prefer may end up in a bad condition if it is not done in the right way. The negative effects could also be permanent in nature. This will persuade you to contend with the source that prescribed any method to be the best body hair removal process.

For a quick review, we want to let you know that these methods have stood the test of time and have been used by many. Temporary solutions are waxing, threading and shaving. Hair removal creams are considered to be permanent hair removal and laser treatment is definitely permanent. Make the choice after careful consultation.

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