5 common types of sidewalk closed signs

5 common types of sidewalk closed signs

Placing sidewalk closed signs is recommended even if there’s a tiny bit of construction. It keeps citizens safe and helps workers focus on their work. You can easily buy these signs online, but the number of options might lead you to make the wrong choice. In this article, we’ve sorted that bit by compiling five commonly-bought sidewalk closed signs.

Sidewalk closed ahead cross here (double arrow) sign
You have the freedom to choose the material used in this bidirectional sidewalk closed sign. .080” Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum and 063″ Diamond Grade Reflective Aluminum are a couple of options to choose from. Depending on your choice, the durability ranges from seven to more than 10 years, so that means you can use the sign in future sites as well. The two available size options are 18 × 12″ and 24 × 18,” with prices varying from $40 to $29 per piece, depending on how many you buy.

Sidewalk closed sign
This is the simplest version that you can choose. Its size is 24 × 12,″ while you can choose any material from .080″ White Rust-Free Aluminum to .080″ High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective Aluminum. The per-piece cost is $40.65, but if you buy more than 40+ pieces, you’ll have to pay $29.75 for each sign. Each of these signs can last for more than five years and can bear extreme climates as well.

Sidewalk closed use other side (double arrow) sign
Another bidirectional sign, this one works well if one of the two sides is working. You can also choose the direction on the sign and go for the left arrow sign or right arrow sign instead of the double arrow sign. Each of these 24 × 12″ sidewalk signs is packed individually and is priced at $40.65. Buying in bulk is recommended as each of these sidewalk signs will only cost you $29.75.

Sidewalk closed use other side sign
A diamond-shaped sidewalk sign is also quite common. The words are written over an orange background instead of plain white. However, it costs $129.50 per piece, $123.10 if you buy more than 20 together. It is made from .080″ Fluorescent Diamond Grade Work Zone Reflective Aluminum, which lasts for over three years and can survive extreme temperatures.

Detour (left arrow) cross here sandwich board sign
Go with this sidewalk closed sign if you have the budget and want a more fashionable design. It comes in two sizes, 24 × 18″ and 24 × 36,” and is made from heavy-duty portable plastic. Cost-wise, each of these sidewalk signs is priced at $212.55.