5 common symptoms of high blood sugar levels

5 common symptoms of high blood sugar levels

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia refers to a particular physical state where the level of glucose in the blood increases excessively. Commonly observed in people who suffer from diabetes, high blood sugar levels can be a serious health concern affecting people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Here are a few symptoms that are prevalent in people with high blood sugar.

Excessive urination
Also referred to as Polyuria, excessive urination is one prominent high blood sugar symptom that may require one to think seriously about how to control their blood sugar. It is the body’s way of trying to maintain the balance with respect to the glucose levels by passing it through urine.

Uncontrollable thirst
People often disregard the significance of feeling excessively thirsty to be nothing else but a result of urinating excessively. However, an increased feeling of thirst or persistentance of dry mouth may strongly suggest that one needs to pay attention to control their diabetes blood sugar control.

Itchy, dry skin
When the blood sugar goes higher than the normal blood sugar levels as prescribed in the chart, it can cause dry or itchy skin.Though this symptom is not dangerous, it can be a vexing experience.

Weight loss
Despite eating well, when one continues to lose weight rapidly, then they need to consult a doctor and check the blood sugar levels chart at different intervals of the day. A large amount of glucose exiting the body through urine or low insulin levels preventing glucose metabolism can be the reason behind it.

Slow healing
Often as a result of high glucose levels, the immunity controlling cells present in the body becomes vulnerable. This can interrupt the oxygen supply to the wounds, which is necessary for quick healing of any injury. Experiencing extremely slow healing process of the soft tissue and skin might be a sign that people need to consult their doctors and focus on blood sugar level.

The symptoms of high blood sugar levels can vary from mild to moderate to severe. In case, one suffers from any of the symptoms of high diabetic blood sugar level mentioned above; it will be a wise decision to seek medical attention immediately.