5 beautiful themes and decoration items for your Christmas tree

5 beautiful themes and decoration items for your Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the center of attraction in any Christmas home decoration. For many years now, it has been a symbol of the festivities. Families spend the Christmas Eve time decorating their own Christmas trees many of which are bought from National Tree Company.

There can be several ways to adorn your Christmas trees. Here are five innovative ideas to decorate your Christmas tree.

White theme White doves and snowflakes
A popular theme is to give the Christmas tree an all-white look. Use small white paper doves, fake snowflakes, silver ribbons and stars and frosted pinecones to bedeck your tree and make it look like covered with snow. It will match with the weather outside, and if it is not snowing, then you might as well make it happen indoors.

Southwest theme Dreamcatchers and cactus tinsels
Give your Christmas tree a twist with a look polar opposite of the season. Hang some cactus ornaments, golden sun tinsels and big dangling dream catchers to decorate your Christmas tree and bring the feel of the golden sunny deserts in your drawing room.

Santa Claus theme Socks and Caps
Cover your Christmas tree with bright and contrasting shades of red and white with trademark Santa Claus merchandise like socks and caps. You can always throw in some Reindeer antlers, Rudolph face danglers or tiny sleds to the tree to make it more Santa Claus-y. Remember to top the tree with a big red cap with fur as white as Saint Nicholas’ beards.

Gourmet theme Candies and cookies
Some families have the tradition of doing an edible Christmas tree decoration. They hang actual homemade cookies, little pieces of brownies and shortbreads, chocolates and cane candy sticks on the tree so the guests especially the kids can just pluck those out of the tree and have them on the go. It is an amusing and sustainable way of decoration, and you won’t even have to bother about undoing the decorations at the end of the day.

DIY theme Cardboards and trinkets
If you have a mind creative enough and some time in your hands, you can make cardboard cut-outs in shapes of a snowman, Santa Claus, antlers and other simpler designs like stars and bells paint them and cover them with glitter and hang them on your tree. Glam it up with any available trinkets in your home old toys, big danglers, wall hangings and your DIY Christmas tree is ready for the party!

You can buy Christmas trees online or from a local shop just choose the right size and type of tree fit for your home. National Tree Company is a wholesale Christmas trees’ importer and supplier. The National Tree Company also sells trees, wreaths, and garlands retail via catalogs.