5 advantages of getting dental implants

5 advantages of getting dental implants

Dental care has improved by leaps and bounds over the past several years; however, billions of people continue to suffer tooth loss. The loss of teeth can be attributed to factors like aging, decay, injury, or oral disease. Damage or loss of a tooth can not only affect oral functions but can also affect the health of the surrounding teeth. For the longest time, the only treatment option available to people with missing teeth included dentures and bridges. However, the advancement in technology has made the dental implant treatment widely accessible to people.

Replacement tooth roots and dental implants are designed to be a strong foundation that supports permanent or removable teeth. These artificial teeth match the look and the functionality of natural teeth. There are numerous advantages associated with getting dental implants and here are the most notable ones.

Easier chewing
Tooth replacements like dentures can make chewing a little difficult. On the other hand, dental implants function just as well as your own teeth. One can munch and chew even tough foods comfortably and without experiencing any kind of pain.

Better oral health
Tooth-supported bridges and other forms of tooth replacement treatments may require reduction or filing of other teeth. However, with dental implants, the size or the placement of the nearby teeth does not have to be altered. Thus, this leaves more of the natural teeth intact and your oral health is better protected. Dental implants also help one to achieve better oral cleaning and improved hygiene because of the easy access between teeth.

Natural appearance
Dental implants render the most natural feel and look. They appear and begin to become a part of your own tooth set. Moreover, they fuse with the bone over a period and become permanent. You regain your beautiful smile, making you feel more confident.

Added convenience
The popularly used dentures are removable and must be maintained well through several cleaning steps. Dental implants let an individual do away with the added chore of removing and cleaning the dentures. No more does one have to be hassled with the inconvenience of dealing with messy adhesives.

Dental implants are one of the most durable tooth replacement methods. When cared for well, the implants can last for several years. Typically, dental implants are recorded to last a lifetime.