4 ways to get rid of back pain

4 ways to get rid of back pain

The back and the spine is that part of the body which supports our bodies and makes mobility possible. Any pain or injury in this area can make for much discomfort. There are many causes of back pain including strain or stress to the muscle and ligaments, injuries to the spine and lumbar area, degenerative diseases like arthritis which can affect the lower back or even the shoulders and neck. One should take appropriate measures for back pain relief so that the issue can be managed. Try these back pain treatment methods to cure the issue.

Ice therapy
This is one of the most recommended back pain treatment methods. The doctor will ask you to rest, take ice compress, conduct compression of the area and keep it elevated as well. Taking rest is essential to relieve back pain. You should also apply ice packs and ice compress, especially if this is an acute pain. For more chronic back pain, a heat compress will be more appropriate. Further, you should keep the area compressed with a belt which will give support and promote better blood circulation. And, finally, try and keep the area elevated.

Your doctor may prescribe pain killers and steroids (in rare cases) for back pain relief. This will depend on the severity of your condition. In many cases, anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed as well. For more severe cases, one may require steroid injections. Muscle relaxants are also commonly prescribed for back pain treatment.

Some amount of physiotherapy is required to keep the muscles and bones of the area in motion so that spasms and cramps do not set in.

In case there is disc herniation, damage or nerve compression, one may even have to go through surgery for long term back pain relief. This is usually a final resort after the doctor has tried all other methods of treatment.

You must take medical advice before you turn to any particular method of back pain treatment. This will ensure that your body does not react to the treatment or medication adversely.