4 tips to get great deals on Disneyland tickets

4 tips to get great deals on Disneyland tickets

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are some of the most popular amusement parks all over the world loved by kids as well as adults. The very first Disneyland, originally Disneyland Park, was built in California and opened on July 17, 1955. Since that time, the company has now exanded to open parks in Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and even Hong Kong.

Disneyland visits are associated with magic, and everything about the parks are so enchanting, they can make even the most cynical of individuals let go of their doubts for a day. Be it celebratory trips or just family get-togethers, a visit to Disneyland is dreamt of by many. It is for this very reason that the park is crowded all throughout the year. While a completely empty amusement park is right out of a horror movie, it isn’t fun to keep jostling against other people for every little thing either. As the parks get so much footfall, it is ideal to plan your trip to Disneyland well in advance. This way, you can also take care of another crucial factor—the cost of Disneyland tickets! Aside from the base cost of the tickets, additional charges like food, travel, and stay make up for an extremely hefty bill. Listed below are some of the tips which you can follow to make your Disneyland trip less expensive and get huge discounts on tickets.

Avail longer passes
This is probably one of the best ways to get great deals and discounts on Disneyland tickets although it may not be an option if you’re on a tight schedule. The truth is, the more number of days you stay, the less you have to pay for all your expenses at Disneyland. Visiting Disneyland is not pocket-friendly and as you will be spending so much on the trip as a whole, it is ideally better to make the most out of it.

Therefore, if you get a five-day Disneyland pass rather than tickets for three days, then you have to pay comparatively less. You can look out for various offers various websites provide so that you can avail great discounts and offers.

Get one park per day Disneyland ticket
The Park Hoppers ticket is indeed one of the best ways to see the most of Disneyland but in case you are looking for some more cost-effective options, avoid buying more tickets than you need. The one park ticket can be used only once throughout the day so that you can save the remaining amount and then spend it according to what you choose later.

On average a family of five members can save upto $250 in a single Disneyland package if they choose the one park per day Disneyland tickets and the one park per day route. Alternatively, multi-day cards are also available which allow you to select different parks every day so that you can spend two full days in Disneyland.

Look for combo tickets
In case you are planning on visiting any other theme parks during the vacation, then it is best if you avail the Disneyland ticket combos. There are primarily two kinds of options, and if you have a child with you, then the CityPASS® can be the perfect choice. It has various options including multiple Disneyland Resort Parks and a single day tour at the popular LEGOLAND® as well as the extremely famous SeaWorld®. You can also look into the possibility of getting combo tickets which enable you to visit Disneyland resorts and Universal Studios™ Hollywood. This can let you get a glimpse of how some of your favorite movies were made and is definitely worth a visit.

Avoid buying tickets at the gates
Purchasing tickets from the gates won’t allow you to avail the Early Morning Magic facility which lets you into the park before it fully opens and all the rides are functional. Also, you have to pay full price for the tickets if you purchase from the gates. It is also easier to get bigger discounts if you look for deals online and well in advance.
An important reason to pre-book your tickets is because this also lets you save money on the visit to Disneyland Parks. A lot of visitors tend to spend time in the queue for the tickets rather than enjoying at the park. If you pre-book your tickets, you can enjoy and relax at the park with your family and, avoid the serpentine queues, and hassle of getting offline tickets.

These are some of the most significant and effective tips for getting huge and attractive deals on Disneyland tickets. Use them well to have the trip of a lifetime!