4 things to look for when picking the right recliner for your home

4 things to look for when picking the right recliner for your home

Thinking of buying a new recliner for your home? Then you will be surprised by the different varieties of recliners you come across in the market; you will find stressless recliners (from brands like Ekornes), wall huggers, rockers and so on

In addition to taking aesthetics into consideration, you will need to take note of several other factors when choosing a recliner. Here are some pointers that will help you zero in on the best recliner for your home.

Size matters
You will need to ensure that the recliner you choose fits into the designated space in the living room (or any other room in your home for that matter). Consider the tilt factor as well, which allows the recliner to be comfortably tilted without hitting the wall or other furniture in the room. Leg space also needs to be considered as you will need to have room to move around the recliner when someone else is using it. And then there is the recliner with an attached ottoman that will simply refuse to fit into the exact shape and size you had pictured earlier.

The general rule of thumb here is to measure the available space in the room and choose a recliner that falls well within these measurements. This is important for you to have enough space to use the recliner efficiently and move around it when it is being used.

Durability matters
Recliners are available in a range of prices. While your initial thought may be to buy a cheap model, you will need to consider the worthiness of your investment. Quality recliners may cost slightly more but will offer you years of support and comfort with durable materials and finishes. A quality recliner can for example, last for nearly 25 years while a cheaper model can last only about 10 years or so.

Rather than investing in a cheap model and then fretting about it breaking down, invest in a high-end model like the Ekornes Stressless Recliner which will provide you with utmost comfort and support for many years to come.

Functionality matters
The functionality of a recliner is related to its style. When choosing a recliner for your home, you will need to ensure that the model you choose is usable by everybody in the family. For instance, if you have an elderly person in the home, you may want to opt for a battery-operated recliner which will be easier to use when compared to a push-back recliner. Similarly, a two- position or push- back recliner may be a better option when compared to a rocking recliner whose moving parts may be dangerous for pets and small children.

The list of accompanying features matters
And of course, when you are in the market for a recliner, you need to choose one that comes with a lot of features. In addition to offering total body support, a recliner can offer lumbar support, sleep functions, dual support base, articulating headrest and other features that offer added comfort. Note that the price of the recliner will vary according to the features it offers.

If you are shopping for a recliner for your home, take heed of these tips which will help you during the purchase. These pointers will ensure that you end up with the recliner that fits the needs of everyone in your family.