4 stores offering great deals on Nintendo 3DS

4 stores offering great deals on Nintendo 3DS

Released back in 2011, Nintendo 3DS holds a great place in every Nintendo gamer’s heart and still continues to do so. Nintendo Switch might be the current flagship product of Nintendo, but the 3DS is still a great console which has a lot to offer. Individuals can now get great deals and discounts on the price of the Nintendo 3DS during sales; this can also be availed for the Nintendo 3DS XL, which is a larger version of the classic 3DS. There are also many stores that offer the Nintendo 3DS XL bundle at discounted rates.

The 3DS takes gaming to the next level as compared to its predecessor 2DS by offering a touch-screen gaming experience with a 3D display. All the Nintendo classic titles like Mario Kart 8, Zelda, and Pokémon have been remastered to work with the 3DS. One thing that can, however, annoy a 3DS owner is the absence of a charging adapter which goes even for the XL version.

If you’re looking to buy the Nintendo 3DS, some of the popular deals have been listed below:

Amazon offers the Nintendo 3DS for a whopping of around $139.99. The product includes the console, stylus, and power adapter. Amazon offers the console in different colors like aqua, flame red, cosmos black, and even purple. One can even exchange their console to get a better deal for the 3DS. Nintendo 3DS XL, however, is sold at around $174.86.

eBay offers good Nintendo 3DS XL bundle offers as well. One of the offers includes a Nintendo 3DS XL galaxy-style bundle which has a 1GB storage disc with 5 pre-installed games and one of them includes the top-selling Pokémon. The bundle is priced at around $155 which is an absolute hit among gamers who are trying to own a Nintendo 3DS XL console for the first time.

GameStop also has some great deals on Nintendo 3DS XL bundle packs. The galaxy-style bundle packs offered by Nintendo is priced at around $199 at GameStop. The Red version of the same console is also priced at around $199. Although none of the consoles come with a charging adapter, it’s still a great buy.

NewEgg offers the Pikachu edition of Nintendo 3DS XL; it is a great deal for Pokémon lovers. The console body is yellow in color with the image of Pikachu on it. This Nintendo 3DS console is priced at around $233.24 at NewEgg.