4 profound benefits of quitting smoking

4 profound benefits of quitting smoking

Battling an addiction is one of the toughest journeys one can embark on as it takes more than just the will to quit the addiction. Not many people can quit an addiction in the first attempt itself. One such habit that takes a toll on an individual’s willpower is smoking. Smoking is one of the highly-addictive habits which claims numerous lives every year. The health issues that arise out of chain smoking are extremely grave, which is why smokers are encouraged to quit smoking at any point in time.

The decision to quit smoking won’t be easy; it will be initially met with reluctance to go through the strenuous process of withdrawal, but the motivation to keep going through the grinding process comes from the various benefits of finally quitting smoking. So, take a look at the major benefits of kicking the butt and this will be the catalyst to help people continue their journey.

It reduces the risk of heart diseases
It is common knowledge that even light smoking damages the heart and blood vessels. This is a euphemistic way of saying that it makes smokers highly susceptible to developing coronary heart diseases. Smoking causes plaque to build up in the coronary arteries that supply oxygenated blood to the heart; when this supply is reduced or obstructed, it causes a heart attack. When one quits smoking, it reduces the risk of developing coronary heart diseases greatly. In fact, one year after the person quits smoking, the risk of heart diseases is cut in half.

Reduces the risk of lung cancer
One of the major causes of lung cancer is smoking. Smokers face 20 times more chances of dying from a disease like lung cancer than non-smokers. Which is why smokers are encouraged to quit smoking even if they have been smoking for years. Ten years of leading a smoke-free life will reduce the risk of lung cancer by half compared to a regular smoker.

Improved sensations
Smoking hinders the individual’s eyesight and dulls the sense of taste and smell. So, the moment the person decides to quit smoking, they will witness a marked improvement in the way they perceive food and smell.

Improves the skin
Continuous smoking affects the skin as well; the skin tends to lose its elasticity, which makes it more prone to develop wrinkles at an early age. Moreover, it makes the skin appear dull and lacking in luster. Therefore, quitting smoking will reverse the damage smoking inflicted on the skin, and gradually, it will attain a healthy glow again.