4 popular finance companies that provide car loans despite bad credit

4 popular finance companies that provide car loans despite bad credit

Our past affects our future in one way or the other. This holds true even in the case of our finances. In case you had bad credit in the past, it can affect your attempts to secure a loan to buy a car. Many banks and financial institutions are reluctant to offer car finance loans to people with bad credit in the past. What can you do in such a situation? Well, to put your fears to rest, various finance companies offer car finance loans to individuals with bad credit in the past. However, this doesn’t indicate that you should stop trying to improve your credit score.

Here’s a list of finance companies that offer car finance loans to people with bad credit.

  • Auto Credit Express– Unlike other finance companies that ponder on your past credit records before they allow you to apply for a loan, Auto Credit Express allows you to apply for a car finance loan even with bad credit. Also, this finance company is instrumental in aiding you with their knowledge and provides other options that can help lower your APR. In case you wish to apply for a car finance loan with bad credit, your gross monthly income must be at least $1,500.
  • MyAutoLoan.com– This online finance company comes as a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other online finance companies that have stringent credit policies or can be deceiving at times. Unlike some finance companies that refuse to offer you a car loan when you opt for a vehicle from a private dealer, MyAutoLoan.com doesn’t follow such policies. It allows its customers to buy the vehicle of their choice from a dealer of their choice.
  • Capital One- Here’s an established bank that is willing to overlook your bad credit past and allows you to avail a car finance loan. The Auto Navigator tool that Capital One possesses allows its customers to compare the car payments of different vehicles and check which vehicles are pre-approved by the bank. This bank offers competitive interest rate in a bid to stay ahead in the race. This works in favor of the customers.
  • RoadLoans.com- One of the leading online finance companies, RoadLoans.com offers car finance loans to customers with bad credit. In addition to this, this finance company makes their buying experience a simple one. In order for the potential customers to understand what they are looking at, there’s a comprehensive set of FAQs that can put their queries to rest. Also, the chat service proves quite useful if the customer’s query hasn’t been resolved properly.

Since a bad credit cannot stop you from buying the car of your dreams, all you have to do is choose the right loan provider.

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