4 laptops that top the charts for kid-friendly laptops

4 laptops that top the charts for kid-friendly laptops

Time is moving quickly and so is today’s younger generation. To them, technology is nothing alien. On the contrary, it is something they cannot do without! And a laptop is like a second skin to them. Be it movies or project work, a laptop is something that most kids cannot do without.

Bearing this in mind, we have put together a list of the best laptops for kids. Let’s take a look.

Dell Inspiron 11.6-inch 2-in-1

This one is great for both, school work and entertainment and is also quite affordable. And the best part of this compact machine is that it comes with an inbuilt parental control via Microsoft’s Family Web Portal, which allows you to block certain sites and keep a tab on the amount of time your child spends on games and apps. This laptop is also pretty durable, after all, we know we’re dealing with kids here!

Lenovo Ideapad 100S

One of the best laptops for kids in terms of price, the Lenovo Ideapad 100S comes with an Intel Atom processor, a 2GB RAM and an eMMC memory of 32GB that may be expanded up to 64GB. The laptop offers a good battery life of about ten hours, comes with an inbuilt Family Portal, and is great for school projects.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Other than its old-school design, the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air is still one of the best laptops for kids. It offers a great battery life of about 12 hours and comes loaded with a Dual Core Intel i5 processor, an SSD storage of 128GB, and an 8GB RAM. Again, this one has Apple’s parental control feature that limits kids time on the laptop and gives parents complete access and control over what apps and sites their kids visit, as well as what books they download.

Acer Chromebook R11

This beautifully designed convertible laptop, apart from its great touch screen and all-day battery life, is known as one of the best laptops with regards to stringent parental control. Here, parents may create an account as the ‘owner’ and register their kids for the account of ‘supervised user’, thus having complete access to what kids view, visit, and download.

Keep this list handy while laptop shopping and choose the best for your kids.