4 excellent retirement calculators

4 excellent retirement calculators

You can use online calculator tools for your retirement planning. It is beneficial. It can make crunching decades of numbers and assumptions in a snap. The best tool will help you to understand the assumptions, and you will be able to change them very easily. Below you will find the best four among all different retirement planning tools:

Personal Capital’s Retirement Planner: This is the newest among all. As a part of their free financial dashboard, Personal Capital has lately launched their Retirement Planner. It makes the list for various reasons. The Retirement Planner takes all the information once investment accounts are added to the financial dashboard. When it starts to run 5000 investment scenarios automatically, it does not need any data entry. You can change the underlying assumptions easily. At last the results are displayed in table format with attractive graphs.

Fidelity my plan Snapshot: It will allow you to take a look through your retirement finances in seconds. This tool will generate a graphical picture of your projected assets if you provide it with a few basic numbers like age, annual savings, annual income and total investment portfolio. Customers can receive the data from the snapshot and make a more detailed plan of their own.

Flexible Retirement Planner: If you want to roll up your sleeves and spend an hour with retirement too, then Flexible Retirement Planner will be an excellent choice. It allows very detailed inputs. For example, here you can set your taxable portfolio, tax deferred portfolio, and tax-free portfolio. The result that you will get is a graph of future retirement fund values and success probability of your retirement portfolio.

The Ultimate Retirement Calculator: You can enter the regular data such as retirement savings and annual contributions with this tool. This calculator, however, stays apart for some reasons. It allows you to keep a certain amount in your estate at your death. It also helps you to keep one-time benefits that you expect to receive. The result comes in a table format.