4 effective ways to treat herpes

4 effective ways to treat herpes

Herpes has no cure and it permanently remains in your body once you have been infected. However, antiviral medications and natural treatments can help keep the virus dormant, control symptoms and lower pain from breakouts.

Let’s have a quick look at these top cures for herpes.

Medications: The first thing that one needs to do is consult a good doctor. Once the doctor takes a look at the sore, he will prescribe the medicines that one need to apply locally to treat it. Be it a naturally made solution or a commonly available ointment; apply the prescribed medicine on the sore to start the healing process.

Supplements or alternative medicines: Herpes can be completely cured with natural remedies as well. Nature-based ingredients like aloe vera gel, garlic, elderberry, etc. are common finds that people reach out for to treat herpes. Licorice root cream, aspirin, and zinc-based ointments are also used to get rid of the painful sores.

Essential oils: It’s all about getting a fast relief from the sores, and this is why patients with herpes need to seek home remedies for combat herpes. Essential oils like geranium oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, eucalyptus oil, etc. are commonly used to treat the disease. Also, keep soothing balms handy as a painful sore can give a person a really hard time, and lower its effects. One can just apply a balm that can offer a quick relief.

Ice packs: Apart from lemon balms and cooling gels, one can also manage the caused by herpes by using an ice-pack. Now, this pack can help in stopping the virus from growing, and it can lessen the pain that gives constant trouble.

You can make use any of the options mentioned above to treat herpes. It’s tough to manage the pain caused by herpes until it’s properly cured, but you can always try these home remedies for temporary relief. However, a timely visit to the doctor can help in reducing the effects of herpes dramatically.