4 different types of processes for water filtration

4 different types of processes for water filtration

When you bought a water filter you might not be aware of the type of system that had been installed in your house. It is possible that if you were aware of the functioning, you might not have bought that particular type of water filter. There are different types of water filtration systems that are made to serve different purposes. Read along for details on four different types of water filtration systems and their functions.

Activated carbon filters
The activated carbon filters are also known as carbon filters or pre-filters. Their job is to get rid of the large particles in the water, such as sediment and silt. The activated carbon works in attracting the harmful particles and eliminating them from the water that leaves the faucet. It also removes the odor from the water and makes it taste significantly better than ordinary tap water.

Reverse osmosis
This is one of the most popular forms of filtration when we talk about water filtration. This is mainly because it has the potential to eliminate all the contaminants that can harm the human body. The end result after the water filtration is clear and odorless drinking water.

Alkaline or water Ionizers
The alkaline process of water filtration is known as electrolysis. In this process, the water passes over electrically charged plates that separate it from the contamination. Once this is done, the water is separated into two streams which are alkaline and acidic. This process converts hard water into soft water as well as filters away the acidic content, which makes it better for your skin.

UV filters
This is one of the latest ways of filtering water but it is not as effective as the other methods mentioned above. The solar energy has the potential to destroy most of the contaminants, however, there are some that get away. These contaminants that get away do not particularly harm your body, hence if you are looking for a slightly more environment-friendly method for water filtration, this method is ideal.

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