4 best website builders you need to know

4 best website builders you need to know

The thought of building a website can be exhilarating but is also an extremely daunting task. As a business team or an individual looking to host a website, the task of running an online website can be more than stressful. Most importantly, having a potent website can mean more than just growth in business. It aids in building an online presence and effectively reaching out to customers. Thanks to website builders, one does not have to undertake the trouble of building a website from scratch.

Websites builders offer the perfect solution to start a website without the need to hire a developer. It enables a smooth process thereby letting the business team or an individual concentrate on the website content. Website builders present one with a slew of design options to choose from and one must list the needs and goals they seek. One can expect a website that offers a drag and drop user interface while allowing for regular updates. The most vital factor remains – the website builder must be capable of handling the needs of the business while the business stems. If you are on the lookout for the best website builder to suit your requirements, here is a list of the top four website builders.

One of the world’s most well-acclaimed website builder, WordPress is widely used across the world. It is clearly one of the best website builders as it packs with it amazingly powerful features. It is not only scalable but also offers immense ease of use. WordPress lets one have maximum control over the website as it is an open source builder. What’s more? It is free, and all the user must have is a WordPress hosting account. This website building platform can be used for any type of website, however, managing the website, in the beginning, can feel overwhelming.

Shopify is one of the best website builders that is aimed to serve the needs of e-commerce companies or online stores. It employs a design that includes a fully hosted solution, thereby misusing the stress of any updates, the need for backup and software management. Shopify further gives presents an integrated experience by rendering complete inventory management, marketing solutions and more, thereby making for a smooth sail. However, Shopify is priced higher on the ladder, especially when compared with other website builders.

Squarespace is yet another popular website builder that boast of notable designs and user interface. It employs a great infrastructure that ensures secure hosting. This enables one to clearly focus only on ensuring that best content goes up. Squarespace also offers a slew of website designs that accommodate any type of website content. Moreover, there is an e-commerce plan that enables the working of online stores. A major drawback, the payment process is restricted to a limited number of platforms causing inconvenience for few.

Webs is one of the best website builders for those looking to build a simple website. It is especially great for personal websites or small businesses that do not require an elaborate layout. The platforms offer powerful features and pre-made designs that ease the worry of the user. Just like Shopify, Webs is fully hosted, and thus, one does not have to be hassled by the task of backups and updates. It brings great ease of use and caters to the need for simple customization. The website builder offers a free basic plan and one avail of advanced features by opting for paid plans. A con that accompanies this website is that fact that its features are limited, and this leads to constraints when managing when content. Webs is not the most preferred website for a content-rich business website.

There is a one-fit solution in terms of the best website builder as the requirement will solely depend on what one wishes to achieve through the given website. Thus, it imperative to evaluate one’s need and then choose the best website builder.

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