4 Best Cell Phones From Greatcall For Senior Citizens

4 Best Cell Phones From Greatcall For Senior Citizens

Jitterbug is a brand of cell phones that has recently made big waves in the mobile industry. The brand has basically created a range of phones specially designed for senior citizens! Not only is this the most innovative idea in the market, it is also a very thoughtful one. With Jitterbug cell phone, older people can stay in touch with their loved ones’ hassle free without worrying about tiny keypad or display screen. The phones also have a built-in emergency button in case the person needs to use that in a situation where they can’t reach their keypad to dial a number. Jitterbug cell phone is an award-winning U.S.-based company with a customer service that is, again, award-winning! There are different models with different specifications in the Jitterbug Cell Phone by the GreatCall range of phones. Here are a few of the top selling models from GreatCall’s Jitterbug cell phone series.

Jitterbug Flip
This phone has that old-school touch to it with large and legible numbers on the keypad, making it effortless for older people to dial numbers. The speaker is very powerful, which helps people with hearing issues listen to every conversation loudly and clearly. When you buy this phone via Greatcall’s website or activate the phone with Greatcall, you can use an array of different easy-to-use features that can make the entire process of using a Jitterbug cell phone even more smoother and convenient. You can find affordable plans for as low as 14.99 dollars per month when you choose to activate Greatcall on your Jitterbug flip cell phone. There is also an emergency 5-star button that you can click on to get in touch with highly-trains agents. You can choose between two colors for this model: red and graphite.

Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-use 5.5”
This model has a very big 5.5” touchscreen that makes reading extremely easy for older citizens. The cell phone comes with an in-built 5.0 mega pixel camera that is great for easy-to-use photo sharing features with your loved ones. The inner user experience is very simple as well with a basic menu organized in a single list, and let’s not forget the extremely large icons that make it very easy for older citizens to navigate on the phone! You can also down personal safety apps and health apps to amp up this Jitterbug cell phone so that it becomes your personal safety device! The data plans start from 17.48 dollars per month for this model of Jitterbug cell phone.

Jitterbug Touch 3
The Jitterbug Touch 3 is a smartphone designed to cater to the more tech savvy older citizens who don’t want to settle for a very basic Jitterbug cell phone. With an internal memory of 8GB and expandable external memory of 64GB, this is the best phone for people who share a lot of photos, videos, and files with their loved ones and who enjoy video chatting with their friends and family. The simple menu of this phone is organized in a single list similar to all the other Jitterbug cell phone models with large icons for easy navigation. This model has a 5.0 MP camera with autofocus, LED flash, as well as a front-facing camera that is perfect for clicking photos and video chatting! This plans for this model start from 17.49 dollars per month.

GreatCall – Splash Waterproof
Apart from the Jitterbug series, GreatCall also launched a phone which is not only very cheap but also easy to carry and is waterproof! It has an integrated speaker for two-way communication so you can speak directly to your device in any of any urgent help or assistance. You can also carry this phone in the shower with you without being worried about getting the device spoilt! This phone has a patented location technology with enhanced GPS. This means that it can immediately track and confirm your location in any emergencies. The plans for this start from 19.99 dollars per month without any contracts.