3 student-friendly credit cards to check out

3 student-friendly credit cards to check out

When used with caution, a credit card can help users develop strong financial discipline and commitment. Students are often reluctant to opt for credit cards. However, these tools offer students various benefits like helping take care of routine expenses such as food, travel, and accommodation. Student-friendly credit cards are important tools that can help one build good credit and secure low-cost loans. So, here are a few options that come with good benefits.

Capital One SavorOne Students Cash Rewards Credit Card
Capital One has designed its product with careful consideration to help students get cashback on major and repetitive expenses. Those studying at universities, higher education institutions, and community colleges are eligible for this card. As it is intended for students, an average, fair, or limited credit score is good enough to buy this card. One of the cons is students do not get a low introductory APR (annual percentage rate). Capital One charges a regular variable APR of 16.49% to 26.49%. Another con is that you may end up paying a hefty late fee of up to $40, so make sure to make payments on time. However, there is also no annual fee. Other highlights of this credit card are:

Users get a joining bonus of $100
8% cash back on Capital One entertainment purchases and vivid Seats
Unlimited 5% cash back on hotel and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
Unlimited 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, and streaming service
Unlimited 3% cash back on grocery purchases from stores other than superstores
Automatic higher credit upgrade after six months

Discover it Student Cash Back Card
Discover offers features and benefits like no annual fee and 0% introductory APR for six months to help students save some money. Discover also has an introductory offer in which the company will match the cash back you receive at the end of the first year. If you have received a cashback of $100, you will receive another $100 by the end of the year from Discover. You are exempt from the late fees for the first time. After that, you can be charged up to $41. Other key features of this card are:

5% cash back on rotating bonus categories after enrollment for payment made using Paypal (Cashback cap of $1,500 every quarter)
Users need to activate bonus categories every quarter
Unlimited and automatic cash back of 1% on all other purchases
Students can redeem rewards on any amount, and rewards do not expire Free access to FICO credit score
Discover scans the dark web to identify any identity theft risk

Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards Student credit card
This card is ideal for students who are looking to earn some cashback, develop good spending habits, learn to pay debts on time, and build credit. Bank of America offers an introductory $200 cash bonus on spending $1,000 within the first three months. Other highlights of this card are:

Unlimited cashback of 1.5% on all purchases
No annual fee
0% introductory APR for 15 billing cycles
Regular variable APR of 16.24–26.24%
3% fees on foreign transactions and balance transfer
A late fee of around $20 may be charged depending on the balance due

While these cards are designed for students, students should be ready to pay their dues on time every month to prevent penalties and additional interest.