3 razor brands that will enhance your shaving experience

3 razor brands that will enhance your shaving experience

Does an even shave seem impossible with the razor that you are using currently? If your answer is yes, then maybe it is time for you to switch your razor brand. The truth is you can turn razor burns and nicks to a smooth and clean shave by simply changing your razor. Today, there are several best razor brands on the market that promise to change your shaving experience. Choosing one single best razor brand out of so many options can be quite confusing for many. If you are one of them, then read on to find out about the three best razor brands that people are raving about this year.

No man’s shaving kit is complete without at least one Merkur razor. Merkur Solingen company is a subsidiary of a company called DOVO Solingen Steelware, which is known for producing men’s grooming products. It is undoubtedly one of the best razor brands in the world, which has been making double-edged razors for over 100 years now. Merkur is another of many German inventions that makes us swoon over German craftsmanship and their new age technology.
When you are checking out Merkur razors, keep in mind some common parameters that the brand differentiates all its razors by- handle length, closed comb or open comb, 2 or 3-piece construction and adjustable or fixed razor type. The best part about these razors is that though they are of the finest quality, they are still affordable and don’t cause a dent in your budget. Merkur 34 C and Merkur 38 C, both priced for $48 and $52 respectively are two of the top razors you must check out. Merkur Futur, priced at $72.20 is another razor to consider buying if you are looking for a razor that gives you a straight razor like shaves.

Gillette razors need to be mentioned whenever there is a review written about the best razor brands. The company is known for making high quality, sharp razors for both men and women. The best thing about Gillette is that it is known for coming up with modern razors with innovative technology that will completely change your shaving experience. It has a variety of razors such as 5-blade Fusion 5 family, 3-blade MACH3 razors, and disposable razors.
Gillette’s Mach 3 razor that is priced for just around $8 and the Mach 3 Turbo, which comes for about $20.99 are other best Gillette razors that you must check out.
If you are a fluent shaver, then you must try Gillette’s new Fusion5 ProGlide Power that comes with FlexBall Technology. The gyroball in the handle and its pivoting cartridge blade with a thinner blade gives you a smooth shave. Priced at just around $12.32, the Fusion5 ProGlide Power has already caught the attention of the pro shavers.

Edwin Jagger
Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger is a modern-age razor brand that aims at giving its customer a hassle-free shaving experience. It originates from England, but today, it has gained popularity across the world. The brand produces not only razors but also fine custom blades that you can use for Gillette’s cartridge razors. The best thing about Edwin Jagger is that it creates products that showcase high-quality craftsmanship and at the same time are not heavy on your pockets.
For amateurs who are new to wet shaving, their double-edged razor model DE89 is all that you could ask for. The DE89 is lightweight and its handle is well balanced which makes it a great safety razor for wet shaving. It is priced at just around $40, which is affordable relatively compared to the other top razor brands. Edwin Jaggers’s DE86 is another great razor which is known for being super short. It is exactly like the DE89 with a shorter height and smaller surface. Priced at just around $30.94, it is a good bargain.

There is no doubt that a razor can make or break your shaving experience. Therefore, it is important to choose the best razor brand as well as enhance your shaving skills.